Early valentine gifts

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  1. Had a trip to Sloane Street LV on Saturday for some early valentine gifts - I won't bore you with a long winded reveal, let's cut straight to the chase, introducing my new eye candy!

    My new Alma



    And my inclusion heart pendant

  2. So gorgeous!! Congrats!!
  3. So pretty!! Congrats!!
  4. What a stunning bag! So pretty! Congrats! And the necklace is super cute!
  5. Your Alma is SOO beautiful!! & I love the necklace sooo sooo much!!
  6. very nice. enjoy and happy vday
  7. Beautiful!

  8. Love it! Modeling pics please
  9. congrats! I'm only lucky to have an avatar of the necklace =p
  10. Beautiful gifts!! :heart: Congrats!!
  11. Both are very beautiful, I've been eyeing that necklace myself, congrats!!
  12. very pretty!!
  13. Wow, sooooooooo nice! Congrats!
  14. very nice ! love the color. congrats......
  15. Lovely! Modeling pics, plz? :flowers: