Early V-Day Presents - all pink!!

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  1. hello anyone around to see some early valentine's day presents, they are from me to me although i do have a boyfriend hehe i do most of the coach buying for myself ;)

    returned 2 nwt items and got lots of store credit, here are my finds

  2. and sorry to clutter up with this thread, i do have a collection/reveals thread already, but this stuff was just too cute

    there is a tiny corner of one of the items peaking out in the bottom left!
  3. let's see!!
  4. I'm here!
  5. ok first is the item that is peaking out

    pink and purple hearts scarf with metallic gold

  6. Very pretty!
  7. thanks marneeb!

    next is a light purple wristlet that has the most adorable heart hangtag! way too expensive but got it with a return so its okay i guess. and i thought maybe everyone would buy these before pce got around


  8. lastly is the super cute heart coinpurse, i hope to God i use this thing but its so so cute


  9. Love the silver on pink and purple!
  10. here is a group shot

  11. then here is my poppy and 2 matching mini skinnies i was using with it + the new items to coordinate

  12. I am loving the scarf! Congrats!!
  13. Love all of your goodies, Congrat's Jenn.....:smile:
  14. very cute! I want the coin purse! and is that key fob older? i have never seen it before
  15. Cute!!!