Early V-Day Present--GOTTA LOVE MY HUBBY!!


Dec 28, 2007
Sunny Arizona
OMG christy! your DH is a gem! congratulations on the lovely lovely set! this is the nicest new heritage stripe colour! i'm surprised that he knew how to order the coin purse! i'm sure his actions are as much a lovely surprise as the gifts themselves! :heart: :heart: happy valentine's day in advance sweetie!
I normally don't care for the heritage stripe stuff, but this color combo really called out to me. And you're right, I can't believe he actually called JAX to order the coin purse. I think he's heard me do it a time or two, so he knew exactly what to do.

Happy Valentine's Day, indeed!!! He certainly went all out. Perfect colors for your summer travel and the coated canvas you wanted. That is a droolworthy set.

Funny, our son really wanted a remote controlled helicopter. We saw a two-pack. My husband thought it was no problem to get it for him (even though DS was under the recommended age), I think he enjoys playing with it just as much as DS. :P
I know exactly what you mean. My step-son has a son, so I guess I'm sort of a, gulp, step-grandmother (I really hate saying that phrase and it's even worse writing it out!!). Hubby is always getting toys claiming they are for the grandson, but when I look at the age recommendation, they are for much older kids. I know it's just hubbys way of justifying buying and playing with kid's toys. I swear, he's like a 6 year old sometimes, but I love him!

mary G

Oct 14, 2007
Everything looks great! such a cute set! I wish I had a DH like that! Now all we have to do is wait for are fashion patent sabrina cant wait to hear what you think? I hope you like yours and I like mine! I have been lusting after for a wihile and gave up thinking I would never get one!
Jun 3, 2006
Austin, Texas
a whole set!!!! impressive!!! what a great hubby...I'm trying to train my BF...he's working on it...he will go pick up stuff at he outlets for me...and the other day he offered to buy me a chanel...that was awkward and I had to decline his offer lol...it's would be easier for him to buy me Coach...duh!!!

but anywho...I'm sure you deserved it!!! great husbands are a product of great wives!


Need Some Luck!!
Nov 23, 2008
Coach & Juicy
Awesome Hubby!! He did fabulous!!! My hubby would never set foot in a boutique or even shop Coach for me! He's a keeper!!! It's all BEAUTIFUL!!


Feb 28, 2006
That is so sweet of him. I love this color combo you both have great taste! Congrats!