Early trip to the Outlet!

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  1. I'm back from my trip first thing this morning to my local outlet. Here's what I picked up!


    Bleecker Tonal Patchwork $99.99


    Valentine's scarf $29.00

    Dragonfly Keychain $39.00

  2. Nice scores! I love the patchwork tote and the scarf!!
  3. oh how cute! i love the scarf a lot!!! nice things, and great prices! i wish my outlet would be closer... sigh...
  4. It paid to take an early trip to the outlet! I love the dragonfly and the scarf. Cute cute cute. :tup:
  5. love that scarf! :love: can't believe that tote was $99.99... awesome deals!
  6. Congratulations on getting the tote for <$100 and that's a gorgeous scarf. I would be so excited to get such an amazing deal on both.
  7. VERY nice!!!! Amazing deal on that bleecker tote!!! It looks so cute w/ the vday scarf!!! Congrats!!!
  8. I love it! I got the V day scarf last week and I love love love it! Looks great on your tonal bag too. Congrats!
  9. OMG! I love the dragonfly keychain!

    Did they have any lindsays or amanda accessories at our outlet by the way?
  10. Nice haul. Love it all. :tup: Great prices too!
  11. Nice haul!! Love the scarf!! I got one last week as well!

    Enjoy your new stuff!!
  12. Such cute stuff!!! Congrats on all your new stuff!!!!
  13. I love your choices. I just picked up the Valentine scarf too - it will be my scarf of the month.
  14. The dragonfly is soo pretty! Congrats on such a great price on the tote!
  15. Nice haul! Great deals too :biggrin: