Early Thanksgiving ideas?

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  1. I'm wanting to know besides the basic Turkey and Dressing Dinner what are your favorite foods you love to eat for the Thanksgiving holiday? What are your Favorite side dishes, desserts, and drinks? :smile:
  2. Mmmmmmmmm.
    cranberry sauce, pumpkin and sweet potato pie, greenbean cassarole, garlic mashed potatos with gravy, cinnamon spiced apples, eggnog with brandy...wait...oops- I guess that would be your basic Turkey dinner with all the dressings. lol.
  3. Instead of turkey last year I made cornish hens. Since I'm not a big fan of turkey. The cornish hens turned out great and the meat was so juicy and tender.
  4. We make cornish hens also! Were not really into meat so making a whole bird tends to be quite wasteful- my fave part is the skin and who doesn't love a wishbone!
    Anyway, we think that the sides are what makes the meal most enjoyable. Last year we made all low-cal recipes and they were fantastic! There was a spinach, mushroom, and cheese bake, cauliflower gratin, panko asparagus.......... YUM!
  5. Pumpkin or sweet potato cheesecake! I never make it for Thanksgiving, because with the pumpkin pie it's overkill, but I always make it a couple times between september and november.
  6. I love Fried Apples and Pumpkin Pie! Yummmayyyy
  7. Pumpkin soup and corn souffle.
  8. **cranberry sauce made with pineapple, orange juice and sugar
    **green beans with bacon, onion, garlic seasoned with soy sauce
    **cauliflower casserole baked in mushroom sauce with curry topped with cheese
    and croutons
    **fresh apple pie from Apple Hill
    **ham with pineapple
    **Pansit (Filipino chowmein)
    **hot spinach/artichoke dip with chips
  9. YUM! That sounds fabulous!!!!!!!!!
  10. I want an invitation to your Thanksgiving Dinner party!!!!;)Yummy!!!!!!!:p
    Got Recipes?
  11. Good turkey (preferably heritage turkeys, not those dry, bland super-big breasted monstrosities they sell at most stores), my Mom's hashbrown casserole, my Grandmother's deviled eggs and cooked turnips, homemade stuffing, cold pumpkin pie, and this year, my addition to the family dinner: an updated green bean casserole, made with fresh croutons and lightly blanched french green beans tossed in creme fraiche, raw cream, dried oregano/tarragon/basil/thyme, a bit of fresh grated parmesan cheese, and then baked with a topping of Lar's crispy onions, which are nothing like those awful French's ones! It is absolutely delicious! I found the recipe online somewhere, though I changed it around a bit.
  12. Oh! My MIL made cornish hens last year. I had never had them and I devoured mine! You're right on there... very juicy and tender!! I think I should request a repeat this year!
    My parents usually make a few turkeys... smoked, fried, and in the typical roasted one. Soooo good. I can't wait for this year. Being pregnant I've been looking foward to this for quite some months!! I can taste the pumpkin pie already!!
  13. I love the basic turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, salad, green bean casserole and pumpkin pie.

    My sister and her husband always have our family over for dinner. They are wonderful cooks and hosts so I hope this year the tradition will continue.
  14. We usually have a small Thanksgiving- so normally a turkey breast instead of the whole turkey. We always have spinach dip too (the cold kind) w/ lots of bread chunks and shrimp cocktail. None of my immediate family likes pumpkin either, so we usually have something chocolate instead. Last year I made German chocolate cake... not very traditional, but good stuff!