Early PCE Christmas Gift from DH!

  1. This was the first time I've ever gotten to participate in a PCE event! DH wanted to get me Coach for Christmas, so we made the hour trek in the nasty winter weather yesterday to our nearest Coach store. It was so much fun to actually be able to touch and feel the bags in person and not just make my choices from online pics. Plus, this is my first retail store purchase. All of my other bags have been outlet purchases or eBay finds. Anyway, I ended up with this.

    [​IMG] In black leather.

    [​IMG] In black signature and leather.

    DD even got in on some of the action. She had some Christmas money sent from her grandparents that was burning a hole in her pocket. With the PCE discount, she was able to pick up both of these in pink! She was in heaven!!!



    When we got home I put my purchases under the tree, but DH said to go ahead and use them before Christmas. Yippee!!! :yahoo:
  2. Very nice gifts!!
  3. oh wow how fun for you and what a sweet dh!!! Congrats, the are beautiful, post modeling pics!! :tup:
  4. So cute! I'm glad your DD got in on the action too! Love it all!
  5. Congratulations! Great choices. My daughter loves that pink lurex stuff too!!
  6. I have that exact bag as in the picture (in peacock). I love it.
  7. aw how fun a whole family affair !

    the pink optic is so cute i kind of wish they made that print in a tote
  8. I'm glad you had fun at the boutique for your first time...isn't it divine? Now see what DH is in for? hehehehe....what a gem of a guy to take you and DD there :smile:
  9. That's so sweet! And the pink is so cute for your dd! Enjoy them!
  10. Congrats, what a sweet DH! Gorgeous gifts and love the Lurex's too!
  11. It sounds like the whole family had a wonderful time! I love your new bag and wristlet. Your DD got some really great accessories. Kudos to your wonderful DH for making this Christmas a very Merry one!
  12. Congrats! Isn't it fun being able to get into the store and actually try on each bag you want? I love that!
  13. Congragulations, I got the minny skinny too but in gold. I love it, its so pretty an shiny!
  14. great gifts!
  15. Excellent finds. I hope you and DD enjoy them.