Early out of the gate?

  1. famiglia looks pretty good now...... :sweatdrop::sweatdrop:
  2. Ack! That damn orange lining again!! We need more PINK lining!! I would LOVE if the Tutti had pink lining!!
  3. i thought i would hate that print. and i don't. this can not mean good things.
  4. same here.

  5. Wow! The print looks way better on a bag!!!!
  6. Yes, I agree...PINK! I love pink. I hate the Orange lining. It turns my white ipod headphones greenish/yellow.:yucky:
  7. :yahoo:
  8. Yeah... It was alright for the Foresta print, but I don't think it matches whatsoever for the Camo prints and it's not so hot with the tan Playground!!

    But I have a feeling Tutti will have a red lining like the Adios Star, just because they're both black/white prints... *sigh* But I will PRAY for pink lining!

    I didn't know the orange lining rubbed off on anything! Good thing I keep my ipod in a Coach wristlet!!
  9. Yes, it rubs off on the rubbery part of the headphones. It even discolored my Hello Kitty key cover which is a white rubbery material.
  10. I might wait for this one to go on sale before I go after it. This would be good for travel bags imo
  11. I've got the Zucca pre-ordered for this and I am on the waiting list for a denaro from Pulse. I had sworn to myself that was all I was getting for this print. Now I am thinking of other styles that might look really good with the print...oh no.

    - I agree. It would look good on a Campeggio and a Trenino. They're both large enough that you'd probably get most of the characters.
  12. I really am thinking ciao or campeggio.

    and a caramella.


    I already have other bags coming! MUST STOP.

    I don't have a campeggio yet.

    How in love are people with the style?
  13. I'm liking it a lot more than I thought I would. I have a feeling when I see it IRL or with better pictures than that auction I am going to like it even more. It's tempting to get a Campeggio, but I don't use Campeggios enough to justify another one (I already have Tan PG and Vacanze pre-ordered for Campeggio.)