Early Mother's Day Gift for Me!

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  1. Anyone here for a live reveal?
  2. I didn't want a box even though it is a gift, the box is huuuuge and I will never use it anyway.

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  3. Me, me, me... I wanna see!

  4. Here!!!
  5. I'm here!
  6. The small gift first. Introducing the new Fleur d'Epi Bag Charm to go with my bag. :smile:. Cute, right?

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  7. Any guesses on the bag? The charm is a big hint...
  8. Neverfull Epi?
  9. Something Epi?.. Cute charm btw.
  10. So cute :smile:) congrats. What else?:woohoo::woohoo::popcorn:
  11. Nobody?

    Well, at least my cat's curious...lol
  12. Aw, my picture is not loading...
  13. I'm in
  14. :thinking::thinking::biggrin:
  15. Here!