Early morning Bluefly

  1. Black Work and Twiggy in RH
  2. Hey I saw that, but it looks like the site is having some difficulty. I couldn't add either one of them to my cart. Other people should try. I kept getting a message that said that I forgot to select a size? Hopefully they will get it cleared up and someone will snag them!
  3. both are gone
  4. Bluefly seems to be having some shopping cart issues - I ended up ordering via Live Chat and it worked out fine. If anyone's looking for a wallet they have a few left - I just snagged an Indigo Money!
  5. i am furious with Bluefly:tdown:. i saw that twiggy @ 6:35 this AM, got all excited because i also had an unused code for 15% off, which would have made this like a $750 bag!! so i tried to put it in my cart like 20 times and it never worked (asked for size selection, as mentioned above). customer service was not up until 8:30 according to the site. so i actually stored Bluefly's number in my cell phone and went to work. At 8:30, I return to the website, and the bleeping bag is gone. Really gone, because I continued to check the site every hour for the rest of the day, which completely made me unable to focus on anything remotely work-related today!

    sorry to rant. am just uber dissappointed.

    but not too upset, because just ordered a black YSL rive gauche from Overstock.com. :tup: can't wait for it to get here. if i don't like it, will go ahead and buy black work with GGH after all.

    need to end this post already as am obviously getting delirious thinking about bags...:shocked:
  6. Yeah - their shopping cart is seriously messed up, but apparently their IT people keep telling the customer service people that it's fine - either that or they don't want to admit there's a big issue with the site. I was getting a big warning that the certificate for the checkout page wasn't registered to Bluefly - this could just be a glitch or it could mean their site got hacked/hijacked even.
  7. Yeah the shopping cart blows of late... I thought it was just me!!