Early morning bluefly!!

  1. I just saw listed: a sandstone hobo and two couriers if anyone is interested.

    Don't forget to look up the codes for an extra 15% off
  2. i saw a sandstone (nut?) giant part time but it's not available when I clicked.

    the giant hobo is gone though :sad:
  3. The giant part time is available again!!
  4. ^^ so is the giant hobo in nut!!! :tup:
  5. If you want one of them just keep refreshing for awhile; they are likely to become available again. I just had a chance for both of them but I resisted. I know I don't really like the giant but sometimes it's hard to pass up a deal!!!
  6. I have the blue courier in my bag. I will hold it for a while and then release it in case anyone is interested. I would love a pfer to get it. Of course I am tempted but I am on a mini purse ban right now.

    It's $1030 but if you use a 15% code, (I don't know if the 20% ones are still working), it comes out to $876.
  7. ^^ OMG, what color blue was that?!?! :wtf:

    p.s. i predict the mini-ban will end on saturday :p
  8. I was naughty too. I got the SS Hobo. I really hope I love it in person.
  9. ^^ yay, just return it if it's not love :tup:

    p.s. that's the beauty of buying from "bluefly" :heart:
  10. Bama, that's exactly what my husband said too! About 1 month ago I came really close to buying one retail too. If the color and leather don't strike me, then back it goes to find a new mama.
  11. I can't believe I missed that courier!! I've been dying for one
  12. OMG- I think the courier is still in my bag??? Not sure.

    I will release it in a few minutes. Hope a pfer gets it. I am so tempted BUT I will be strong!!!!!!!!!