Early Hermes Croc. Bag?

  1. :throwup:
  2. OMG!:wtf: I am speechless...
  3. :yucky: It must have been because of war shortages: they didn't want to throw away anything.:yucky: :yucky: :yucky:
  4. 0 bids!
  5. Remember in the old movies the women used to wear those furs over their shoulders that had the head, paws, etc? Very yucky but I guess it was the accepted style then.
  6. Just goes to show sometimes even Hermes doesn't come out with a 'classic.'
  7. Eeek!
  8. BID QUICKLY BEFORE IT'S GONE!!!!!!!! This is an opportunity of a lifetime to own... a dead and miserable looking beast. It probably died of depression due to being rejected as a H bag.
  9. OMG!!.....I"M GOING TO HAVE NIGHTMARES!!:yucky:
  10. I have one owned by my great autn, can't wear it make me think of :yucky: :yucky:
  11. My GOD, you'll laugh, but I saw this listed (or one JUST LIKE IT) last year.

    I guess not so easy to hawk on eBay as fake bags. Euuuch :wtf:
  12. hahahaaha that's so awesome!!!!! It makes me think (and don't harp on me, lol, because I want and love croc Hermes bags!!!) that you're probably carrying the butt-skin of a croc around the mall with you :biggrin: One really great looking, perfectly dyed, croc buttskin
  13. Eeeeps!
  14. Eeeewwww!!