Early graduation present: J12 with diamond bezel

  1. I am a miserable spoiled brat, and now I have a fabulous watch.
    DSC02113.JPG DSC02104.JPG DSC02117.JPG
  2. You lucky thing! congrats!
  3. Absolutely gorgeous! Congrats
  4. fabulous steph!! you deserve it!!!!
  5. very beautiful!! congrats!
  6. Wow, congrats! It's a stunning watch indeed!:love: :drool:
  7. SO jealous! congratulations - it's beautiful!
  8. That's so beautiful :smile:
  9. My favorite Chanel watch, absolutely gorgeous! CONGRATS!!! I hope you update your collection soon with all of your great nabs!
  10. Congrats for both ur graduation and stunning watch. :yahoo:
  11. Gorgeous watch! Congratulations on your graduation.
  12. That's really pretty - congrats :yahoo:
  13. congrats!! That's my watch grail!! :love:
  14. Love, Love, Love it!!!! :heart: Congratulations!
  15. wonderful! congrats on your graduation...quite an accomplishment and the watch is a perfect way to celebrate!:heart: