Early Friday morning new Bluefly

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  1. Sheesh! Why do they put this stuff up in the wee hours? I've been up late the last 2 night PST time. Out of curiosity last night I hit my little bluefly bbag bookmark and for the first time in weeks, a bunch of GH bags came up.

    Tonight, same thing happened.

    Now there's a gorgeous Navy GH brief and a GH Truffle work. I hope a TPFer gets one!
  2. Has anyone seen this style tote?
  3. I do not see them anymore.... hmmm...
    Thank you for posting!!
  4. The GH Truffle Work is back
  5. This isn't the brief style is it?
  6. yes, it is the brief style. It just looks a little funny because it's "overstuffed" in that photo.
  7. Oh yes! Thanks, that makes sense now.
  8. Elux does this with the Azur Speedys- I picked mine up at midnight Alaska time back in March.

    Silly online sellers~!
  9. GH Truffle Work Available Now!
  10. i have not seen them anywhere
  11. Please post authenticated finds in the Finds thread
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.