early cruise arrivals.

  1. [​IMG]
    new Gucci medium Boston Bag VS Louis Vuitton Speedy 30

    love it or hate it?
  2. LOL i was like...hey GUCCI copied? LV's SPEEDY~

    I don't like it...GG PLUS and the silver leather:tdown:
  3. is it canvas?
  4. It's GG plus (coated canvas). I actually like it, I saw these in the store before. I really like the color of the silver trim.

  5. Thanks gucciabbey I have not seen this one in the uk!

    Does it come in just this colour?:smile:
  6. I like it! Don't think I'd get it though. Maybe if I saw it in person but I dunno. I like the colors so I think they should use that material and color combo on other bags..I think I could definitely find something then!
  7. You're welcome. :smile:

    Not sure about this bag, but GG plus normally comes in the usual beige/ebony colour (same as Gucci's fabric canvas) and also in blue/grey and black/grey. The white/grey is a new colour as far as I know.
  8. I've seen this in a gunmetal and a different coloured canvas. It was really cheap from what I remember. From the luggage range. Came in 3 sizes.
  9. I like that they are doing the GG plus in other colors!
  10. It's nice, but maybe too shiny n bling bling bag for my style. :confused1:
  11. i saw it in the store...its actually not that bad....btw its SUPER SUPER SUPER cheap!!!!

    gucci's theory is that they wanted a white bag but the canvas would have gotten way to dirty way to fast....

    i almost got it because it was so cheap, but then my SA didnt let me lol
  12. ..your SA didn't LET you?? huh??
  13. How cheap is cheap?? I love it!! Is it like outside like the coated GG duchessa??If so Im all over this bag!!!
  14. ^That is what I am wondering too! I wouldn't mind picking one up for myself also.
  15. Is this bag just in the US or is it a UK release as well?
    I cant find it on gucci.com/uk