Early Christmas!!!

  1. My birth mother surprised me with a gorgeous Madeleine...an early Xmas present. I love it!!!! It is the perfect bag for business or when I want something that doesn't scream LV. I am a lucky woman...not just for the bag, but for a wonderful new relationship. I found her last year. :smile:

    I bought her a Damier Navona from a wonderful seller on eBay. The bag is absolutely pristine and with the exception of some lingering smoke smell, it was a great buy. We have the smell 90% conquered, and hope to clear it out with time.

    The collection is growing...next is a Speedy 25 in Damier (hopefully from the same seller as the Navona). This summer I want a Speedy 30, although I can't decide between Azur and the Mini Lin in red.


  2. Congrats !! :tup:
  3. Congratulations, that's a great story! And I love all your LV's! I think you should get a Damier Azur next...
  4. congrats! the madeleine is lovely! so are the rest of your collection:smile:.
  5. absolutely gorgeous! congrats!
  6. Congrats! You have a very cute collection!

  7. i love your story! your birth mother has good taste ;) the madeleine collection is amazing. i, too, have been contemplating the finding of my birth mother, but i don't know where to begin... i wish you the best in love & life with your new found relationship.
  8. Gorgeous, congrats! LOVE the MC Pochette too!
  9. aww Congratulations on your birth mom and your bags!!
    I guess great taste runs in your genes!!
  10. Ah, great story, congrats on both counts!
  11. Love your Madeleine! I wish it came in the red like the PM!
  12. That's so awesome. Thanks for sharing such a nice story. COngrats on your new gorgeous bag too.
  13. Nice collection!!
  14. Very Nice.
    Congrats and Merry Christmas !
  15. my thoughts exactly, i heart the red pm and black gm!!!