Early Christmas shopping....

  1. So, please don't throw buns at me for mentioning the C*******S word in mid-September but I've got so many people to buy presents for that I have to start my shopping in September. Plus, Mr ditab's birthday is in December, my son's birthday is end of October, six family birthdays between November & January - I just have to start early otherwise I'll never get it all done.

    Aside from that, I love Christmas and really enjoy choosing presents for people, especially my hubbie & son :heart:

    Anyway, I digress. It occurred to me that Mr d might like a new man-bag as one of his presents as he's currently using a bashed up canvas Zara number. Sooooo, I've just ordered him a chocolate Antony from the Shepton Mallet factory store :wlae: :tup: I'm sure he's going to really like it as it's a similar size to his current bag, plus he really likes the smell of my Mulberry bags.

    And, of course, to make the shipping cost worthwhile, I may have dropped a little something for me into the package.... :graucho: Should be delivered on Friday and I'll post pics then...
  2. I'm sure he'll love it , and hey if he doesn't you can always have it!!!So what have you ordered for yourself?? You're not really going to keep us in suspense are you???!!!!! Please tell!
  3. Tell us, please :nuts:
    Maybe a new bag...:graucho: ?
  4. Woohoo ditab, spill the beans, what is the little, or probably not so little, goodie for yourself?????!
    I had a look at the messenger bags in the men's section and was very taken with an orange (yeah, I know I'm addicted to orange) one and a teal one. Trouble is I'm 5ft 2ins so they made me look as if I was off on my paper round!
  5. It's the tangerine Araline :yahoo: - I just couldn't wait until later in the year and risk it being sold out :nogood:

    Thanks for letting me know about it in the first place, sarajane. I've been thinking about it since you posted your pics - it looks so delicious :drool:

    That's DEFINITELY it for me - at least until 2008, anyway. Got to get enjoyment out of my current bags.... and let my savings replenish :yes:
  6. My god...!!!!!!!!
    It is going to be great!!!!!!!:nuts:
    Please, pics when you get it :winkiss:
  7. Oh, wow - tangerine is such a fantastic colour - makes me happy just to think about it! And the chocolate Anthony for your hubby is a great choice - I bet he's going to love it! You are going to be a very stylish couple... So, something tiny from mulberry for your son next, then? ;)
  8. Hurrah!!! I'm so glad you're getting the tangerine. It is soooooo lovely and such a great price from the factory shop. I'm using mine all the time and I absolutely adore the colour. It's certainly going to give my winter wardrobe a zing. I was a bit worried about the soft nappa as the bag feels so lightweight but it's far more robust than I thought. A really great bag. Congrats! Can't wait to see pics.
  9. OMG I have to get him a bag for nursery and, I swear, I thought "I wonder if Mulberry do anything for kids?". It is the most *ridiculous* thought I ever had - can you imagine? A tiny little boy with a Mulberry bag!!! (not to mention the cost :wtf:)

    That said, I have got my eye on a really cute Cath Kidston backpack for him - but that's waterproof and made for kids so a bit more appropriate, I think....

    In fact, here's a pic (as you're all bag fans :smile:):

    sarajane - I've already got a black Araline in soft nappa and it's fab. Very robust to scratches and, best of all, lightweight :yahoo: It's also really tardis-like, it seems as if it's a small bag but it fits loads in there. Can't wait until it arrives now...
  10. My tangerine dream is coming with me to the south of France in October (escaping for a week with DH & NO KIDS!!) and I'm planning my wardrobe around my bag - how ridiculous is that!! My elder son has already pointed out that it matches my car, hot orange Mini convertible. I think I'm getting addicted to orange.......

  11. that's brilliant! Your wardrobe can be built around you bag AND car!!!! Guess i should get a green bag to go with my green mini!
  12. Jo - Absolutely! We can be the Mulberry Mini club!! It's so considerate of Mulberry to design their bags in colours to match our cars.....
    Any luck with the choc Bayswater yet??
  13. No luck!