Early Christmas Present/Instant Reveal!!!


always in LVoe...
Sorry it's taken me a while to post. Work's been nuts! Anyway...

So, my hubby went to Nashville to check out the new Nordstrom (No, he didn't take me. I had to work :sad: ) And he stopped by LV to see if he could get the Damier Ebene Eva or Azur Eva for me since I want both :cool: But they didn't have either in stock, so he decides on something else....

a Speedy B 30 (or Bandoulière for new folks)!!!!! I was so excited. :biggrin: He was going to get it for me for Christmas as a surprise, but he decided to give it to me early. He even tricked me and said he didn't buy me anything, and I believed him.

So, here she is!

Oh, and I'll definitely have a reveal for Christmas since we went over Thanksgiving and bought something, but I'm not allowed to have it until Christmas. :P