Early Christmas Loot! Advice Needed!


Feb 24, 2006
I got home after work yesterday and discovered a GIANT box on the bed. I unwrapped it and much to my surprise, am now the very proud owner of Coach 1808- the huge leather pocket satchel. :yahoo:


I even dreamt about this purse last night... I was carrying it around at a university and forgot to take the tags off. :rolleyes:

I absolutely LOVE the design, the only hitch is that I'm scared to death of leather (let alone calfskin- I never buy leather products for myself), and that all the hardware is brass. Come on Coach! Nothing I own is brass or gold colored.

I'm looking into getting something to put on the outside of the bag to help integrate it with the stuff I already have (black and silver). Any suggestions? Does it bother anyone else to have silver zippers clash with brass buckles? :shame:
I have the soho tobacco leather with the brass and I wear silver. I use to all the time. Although the brass blends with the tobacco, more than the black. I am looking into the black and silver. Gorgeous bag though!!!
Thank you! It's one of the nicest things anyone has ever given me for Christmas. :smile: I love the heft of it and the fact that you can still shoulder it.

Black and silver would have been perfect. In some light the brass doesn't bother me at all, but at other times it just looks wrong.

The tobacco and brass combo is divine!
I love that bag! I think the Coach leather holds up great. I was out with my City bag the other day and it got rained on a little and left no marks at all.
Personally I think most accessories will look nice with it, but that bag can stand alone! Merry Christmas!
Handbag Helen- Thank you! Merry Christmas to you too! It's good to hear that it wears well in the rain... That will be handy, considering the weather lately here in Washington.

Serendipity- Thank you! This bag is exactly the style I've been drooling over for a year or so now. I'm just still in shock that she's sitting next to me. :love: I'm sure after the brass losses it's extreme store-bought shine I'll be a bit more comfortable with it. :smile:
Foxhunt006, I think this bag is STUNNING- one of my favourite COACH bags of all times!! :love: And leather is a lot more durable and classier! Also, one can never have too many black bags!! I say keep it!:yes:
OMIGOD! i love it! And want it BADLY! I bought the gold with purple edged one last week so I am semi-satisfied, but not exactly. You have whet my whistle! YEEOWWW! Wear it in good heath sister!
hahaha, as my boyfriend says, "you'll just have to buy more gold jewelry." Oh how my life is so rough. ;) I still can't believe I landed a guy who leaves me giant purses on my bed for Christmas. :biggrin:

The more I look at it, the more I love it! I LOVE the structure of the bag, the clasp design, the smell. I'll just go out and buy some new clothes to go with it, and try to rock it the best I can.
Beautiful bag! congratulations! I used to be more fussy about mixing silver, gold and brass but I don't worry anymore. They're all neutrals IMO so can mix. I have a Legacy bag in black leather with the brass hardware and I have 2 charms hanging off it with the silver hardware and I was surprised at myself that it didn't bother me! How awesome that you have a guy with such good taste and so generous! LOL! Merry Christmas!

I love that bag ! I sometime feel that way about that gold hardware, because I always wear silver jewelry .
I usually add a black/gray/silver scarf to my bag to content me.

There are some days I wear my black bags solo because the gold harware will stand out more .

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