Early Christmas and Birthday pressies to myself :)

  1. So it's bonus time, and that means lotsa pressies to me even though Christmas and birthday are 2 weeks away! muahaha
    Here's something I picked up today, 3 more items tomorrow :smile: doo dee doo!

    I'm afraid I have to go do something else quick, so the reveal will be coming in about 2 hrs ;)

  2. can't wait to see what inside
  3. hmmm..... smells like Damier Lune. SHOW US NOW!!!!!
  4. I wana see!!!!
  5. what a tease! ;)
  6. can't wait to see what it is!:wlae:
  7. Open, Open, Open ...... :popcorn:
  8. this is so exciting!!! congrats on ur new bag
  9. the suspense is killing me!
  10. I think its a damier lune too!
  11. i wonder what those two white boxes are...haven't seen that ever...come on...show it...
  12. You always pick gorgeous & unique bags, can't wait for the reveal!
  13. I am sitting here dying to know what you got as your taste is so exquisite! I adore all of your choices! Please don't make us wait much longer...
  14. Thanks for your patience folks! (& enthusiasm :smile:)
    Presenting my long awaited Rubis Neo Bucket! Geez, they sure took a long time getting it in! I wish I could have brought a Damier Lune home too! Unfortunately none arrived at the store yet, not even the sample pieces :sad:

    SA had some surprising news for me too. Something which I regretted not getting before and thought I'd never have the chance to get at the store again made its appearance again. She said for some reason they made a few more pieces! Sooo, there's a surprise addition to my purchase plans, lol.


    R0010801_1.JPG R0010803_1.JPG
  15. Incredibly hot! Love it! How nice would that bag look with a couple pomme accessories tucked inside!?