Early Birthday Surprise from my lovely SA

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  1. My birthday is on 12/25, so my SA decided to surprise me and my best friend with two lovely bags before my bday.
    I got offered a Birkin 30 in Gris Tourterelle, togo leather and ROSE GOLD hardware. It’s my dream combination, I’m so happy to share with all of you :biggrin:
    And my best friend got a Kelly 28 in gold with gold hardware!
    Happy holidays to everyone!!

  2. Congrats... both are beautiful combos.
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  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Beautiful bags! Congrats!
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  4. How very special! The bags, the date and how you and your best friend both got one! Happy Birthday, Happy Holidays, Merry Everything!!
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  5. how amazing, congrats! happy birthday and happy holidays!!!
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  6. Happy early birthday! Great job by your SA. Congratulations
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  7. Beautiful bags, congrats to you both! :smile:
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  8. d400b21a8932cfe1c28f3dfea9a0f695.jpg
    Those store fresh boxes all wrapped up make me go :drool: as much as the bags!
  9. What a wonderful surprise! Congratulations!
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  10. I read your username was nakedmotherof2or3 lol
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  11. Fabulous bags! Happy Birthday!
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  12. Happy happy and oh how merry! Congratulations :tup:
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  13. Congratulations to you and your friend on the beautiful bags, and happy birthday!!
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  14. Wow congratulations!
  15. Congrats!!! Is the Kelly a 28? The bag you all brought in are gorgeous as well!!!