Early Birthday Surprise After Surprise! (Lunch w/LV & Aftermath Haul Reveal!)

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  1. All the new designs were so hard to choose between... resulting in today being a very good shopping day! My lovely store manager and my favorite local SA invited me out to lunch with my mom being in town and my birthday looming, and we were obviously happy to accept! Upon arrival at the restaurant, a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Brut Rosé (my favorite!) was waiting as a surprise gift from them, which I immediately insisted we put on ice and share (they know me too well!) We had a delightful lunch... just us four girls chatting away for over an hour!

    Afterward, we walked over to the boutique and got to view all of the wonderful new goodies which have been debuting lately! I had stopped by the day before to do a quick exchange of a defective bag and ended up making a purchase, so I added them to the pile when I got home and after posting tons of detailed pics on my IG, i thought I'd toss them up here to share some of the new styles with all of you!

    I purchased the Drops boots (so she and I will match!) and Denim Twist for my mom, and they're being shipped to her home state... avoid sales tax that way and save quite a bit ;) and she shocked me by requesting two of my favorite bags be whisked away and boxed up for me... i may have purchased a third ;) (she's too sweet to continue spoil me, even in my 30s, so i try to return the favor; I surprised her with an invite to join me in the Bahamas in a couple of weeks.)

    The only one missing is the Denim Twist and her Drops boots :love: Here are the rest of the ladies in their dustbags, ready to come out and say hello! What a wonderful day. Thank you for joining me as I share! :flowers:

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  2. Holy moly can't wait!
  3. 🏼🏼🏼🏼🏼🏼
  4. What a day!!! Can't wait to see!
  5. Wow! Here and waiting!
  6. :graucho: Can't wait to see!!
  7. Sounds like a great day!
  8. Here
  9. Can't wait to see!
  10. I'm here
  11. Please show them all soon
  12. Less teasing! Strip! :flowers: lol
  13. Can't wait..
  14. Did I miss the fun? Or did this thread suddenly fizzle out?
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    No, I had a pet emergency, OMG! So sorry for the delay. My cat got out the front door and bolted on me and i had to hunt the neighborhood while she taunted me... butnow all is well... it's horribly late but I'm wired up from that experience-- so here we go!

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