Early Birthday Reveal!!!

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  1. OMG, I have been stalking this forum for months because I couldn't decide what I wanted for an upcoming milestone birthday. I knew i wanted an everyday bracelet, but...diamonds, no diamonds, TB, Love, just couldn't decide. Finally I decided about a month ago and told DH. i didn't think he would like it, but he did!

    Fast forward, My birthday is in December and we are going to Hawaii, but last night we went out to dinner for our anniversary. Before dessert was presented, they brought me something special to the table...

  2. But that plate wasn't it!!

    This was...


    Woohoo! Seriously, felt like a kid on Christmas morning just seeing them walk over with that box! Don't know the last time my DH saw me soooo over the moon. I knew what was inside of it and I was beyond excited!
  3. Any guesses? This should be an easy one!
  4. Loooveee braceeeleettt!!!! Reveal reveal!! :smile:
  5. image-1273735082.jpg

  6. more!!!!!
  7. :smile:
  8. Okay, I'm so lame...no suspense here!

  9. WOOOOOW!!! *swoon*
  10. Now we need modelling pics!! :smile:
  11. Congrats ,beautiful bracelet
  12. image-319099375.jpg

    One more shot...now just need to get it on my wrist!

    Ironically, I ha just looked at TBs on Thursday and had a little doubt about this but knew that if I didn't get it now, it would be never and wanted something I could wear everyday!
  13. It looks so gorgeous!! Congrats and happy early birthday! Looking forward to the wrist shots :smile:
  14. Beautiful!!!! Happy Birthday!!!
  15. Can't wait to see the modelling pics!!

    Happy birthday and enjoy your gorgeous bracelet!