Early birthday presents!

Jul 25, 2007
We always do "Happy Birthday" to me and my husband at Thanksgiving at my Mom's house, since we're both early December birthdays. I got a Coach gift card from my Mom (which I asked for!) - $200!! I told her half of that was more than enough, but she knows the prices of my purses! And from my sister - the snowflake keychain! That was my favorite new keychain, and now its mine! I'll be saving the gift card to put towards one of the new spring bags, since Im getting more bags from my husband for both my birthday and Christmas. A very Coach-y holiday this year! And we did my soon-to-be 12-year old niece's bday too since she's a December baby and she was thrilled w/her chocolate brown Uggs from Aunt Donna.
Jul 25, 2007
Thank you! I know, my family rocks!!! My mother hates to give giftcards because she feels like you dont have to put any thought into the present, but I LOVE receiving them!


Dec 24, 2006
Melbourne, FL
My birthday is always a few days after or on thanksgiving so I actually hate having them together, I'm selfish..lol..they all tried to give me cards this year but I said no! Wait till Sunday when I'm really 21...
its a big bday! lol.

My cash I get will be well spent on a pretty new wallet.
: )
glad we're all getting what we want!


Jul 10, 2007
Bay Area, California
congrats on the birthday gifts!! i wish my family would understand my love for purses. everytime i have a new purse, they first ask me, "IS THAT REAL?" and then i answer them with yes.. and they tell me that im spoiled.. im like, noo!! i work for my money to buy my purses.. hehe

ahhh i was really bad on black friday and bought 5 new coach purses ... my mom is gunna flip out.

and how cute about the chocolate uggs! those are so adorable