Early Birthday Presents!

  1. My Birthday is this Friday, September 14th and my Mom got me these BEAUTIFUL presents. Early birthday presents because she's working on my bday... :heart:
    • 1st a Kimora Lee Simmons for Hello Kitty necklace.
    • 2nd a white gold topaz ring with diamond accents.
    Not sure what the KLS necklace is made out of.. they don't have this particular piece on the Neiman website. Majority of the pieces online are diamonds and rubies. Anyone know?
    kitty.jpg kitty2.jpg kittyhead.jpg topaz.jpg
  2. Both are splendid but your ring is absolutley gorgeous. Enjoy! Oh, and happy early birthday!
  3. Wow...so pretty!!!

  4. That ring is FABULOUS!!! And the necklace is lovely too. :smile: Happy Birthday to you!
  5. thanks everyone for the compliments!!
  6. I love Kitty jewelry, congrats! :party:
  7. love hello kitty :smile:
  8. oh congrats!! cute!! happy bday in advance :balloon:
  9. i love hello kitty
  10. Happy Birthday...super lovely gifts!
  11. Happy early birthday, love the Hello Kitty.
  12. Happy early birthday!
    That Hello Kitty necklace is too cute!
    That ring is gorgous aswell.
  13. The necklace is too cute, but the ring is defo fabulous!
  14. Happy birthday, I love the presents expecially the ring!! Very nice
  15. the necklace is so gorgeous, and that ring! your mum has great taste! happy birthday!!!