Early birthday presents in PINK

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm here to share my early birthday presents. I bought myself the first item and the second is a gift from my family.

    Let's to the unboxing shall we? :smile:


    I've been eyeing this color for a really long time but haven't seen any item in person until now. U5...


    My mini béarn wallet in Lipstick Pink and the leather is Chevre Mysore. If anyone seen my first ever Hermès purchase it was also in this leather which I really enjoy using coz it so soft and lightweight.

    The second item is a gift from my family as said before and it's to match my mini wallet.

    I don't plan to use it as a coin purse coz I don't carry coins normally and it does get dirty. I plan to put my headphones in it. :smile:

    Have a great day everyone and thanks for letting me share my early birthday gifts! :smile:
  2. Happy Birthday :biggrin: and congrats on the lovely wallet! the color is lovely and the grain on the Chevre Mysore is so beautiful. love it!! :love:
  3. Lovely color for coin purse and useful wallet! Enjoy your purchases and happy early bday :love:
  4. Chevre Mysore :love: :love: :love:
    The colour is gorgeous as well
    Happy birthday!! Enjoy the items in the very best of health
  5. Wow pink pink dreamy
  6. Thank You very much! :smile:
  7. Thank You very much! :smile:
  8. Thank You very much! :smile:
  9. Thank You very much! :smile:
  10. YOU are MY kinda GIRL!!!!
    Congrats hun!!
    I have a verrrrrry soft spot for chevre as well and I can't resist RL!
    I just bought the same bastia and was like WHYYYYY do I need another bastia???
    Well, bc it's in RL, that's whay! hahahaha
    I'm deserately hunting that mini bearn too!!!
  11. Happy birthday! Congrats on your beautiful wallet and bastia 😄😄😄
  12. Both are absolutely beautiful in Rose Lipstick, Happy Birthday!

  13. Thank You! You're right RL is hard to resist. ;)
    It's my first Bastia but I think I'll try to collect it in other colors from now on. :smile:
    Hope you'll get a mini béarn soon! I got mine from h.com so keep an eye there...

  14. Thank You very much! :smile:

  15. Thank You very much! :smile:
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