Early Birthday Present!!!!!!pictures!

  1. Hi!

    I am so excited I wanted to share with everyone! I have been dreaming :sweatdrop: for a Chanel Grand Shopper for a very long time but I couldn't afford it, not that there was one to buy on Cyprus:sad: !

    Anyway, I was lucky and found one and my fiancee who by that point was fed up with my constant nugging:graucho: finally agreed to buy it for me as an early birthday present since my birthday in Oct the 9th!

    The bag arrived safely, courtesy of our own amazing NL3181:angel: and it was a piece of art, 99,9999999% new and not 95% as she modestly stated!

    I am attaching the pictures she sent me because I did not have time to take my own but I will very shortly!
    MY NEW BAG.jpg 33333333333333333.jpg 6555555555555555555.jpg 888888.jpg
  2. congrats, i love to own that beautiful tote one day.
  3. Wow!...beautiful! Lucky girl!....what a sweet fiancee.
  4. Congratulations!!!!! LOVE it! Enjoy!
  5. Happy birthday Cyprus!!!!! Bag is just gorgeous!
  6. :happydance: Enjoy the bag Lito :girlsigh:

    :greengrin: may this beauty bring you lots of joy,happiness and complement

  7. Congratulations! :yahoo: The bag is gorgeous! I am :drool: !!!
    Im all for bugging fiances/husbands until they are so sick of our whining that they open their wallets. =) That's how I got my most recent LV for our anniversary. (Hey, they say the 3rd wedding anniversary is leather... and there's SOME leather on the LV monos!) =) he he
  8. I am so happy for you!!! The bag is a beauty.... Have a wonderful birthday!!
  9. Early birthday presents are the best! Congrats!:yes:
  10. Congrats, and Happy Birthday! I want one of these too!
  11. It's a beautiful bag -- enjoy it.
  12. Rock on!
  13. :heart:A big thank you to all of you lovely girls for your nice comments and wishes:P :flowers:
  14. A very nice gift! and Happy birthday in advance.
  15. Very nice and happy B-day!! This looks like such a practical, useful bag.
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