Early Birthday Gifts

  1. :yahoo:YES I just got my birthday gift early. I am so excited, the cabby GM is finally mine. I love this bag. I also got the MC key holder which I purchased for myself.

    Question on the cabby. The shoulder strap is too long on me. Can I buy or exchange for the MM shoulder strap?
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  2. OMG... Black MC looks GREAT against black denim!!! :nuts: :tup:

    Congrats on the hot b-day pressie and cute purchase!!! :yahoo:

    Happy early b-day btw!!! :party: :drinkup:
  3. I am so in love with the black denim. I can't believe I am going to be 26!
  4. Yeah, you got it early!! Very nice....did you act surprised? ;P I think the strap is longer so you can wear it messenger style?

  5. Congrats!
  6. You naughty spoiled girl!!! That bag is hot, you deserve to get it early! Congrats!!
  7. yeah you can wear it messenger style, but even just regular on the first hole its still too long for me. I am short 5'1, it hangs below my hips.

    I did act totally surprised, if not too surprised. I screamed with joy as he pulled out a brown bag from the closet. Gosh do I love that shade of brown.
  8. yay congrats! :smile:

    funny, some of us mm owners wish we could purchase the gm strap to wear messenger style.
  9. I really want/need the MM strap.
  10. How did you convince him to give you your present early?

    I am hoping to buy the GM strap to wear with my MM. If you find out let us know!

    Happy Early Bday by the way!
  11. Happy Birthday!!!! :balloon::balloon::balloon:

    i doubt you can order an extra Cabby strap just yet. the bag is still very new. how about just exchanging it for the MM and get a little something extra from the difference? :graucho:
  12. happy birthday!! congrats on the early pressie too hehe.. that is very nice of your bf :yes:

    i will say just go to the store and see if you can get the MM strap as a spare part =P
  13. Congrats! Now you'll have a great birthday.
  14. LOL! I just posted that on your thread that said you found it! I'm so glad you got it already! Happy early bday, it looks really great! And I hope you're able to get the longer strap!
  15. awesome bag!!! Imgetting mine tomarrow,happy birthday! 26 is young