Early B'day present, and testament to shining monkey

  1. :shame: Ok, so I am a spoiled brat! But oh well!

    So, I have been whining a bit about the torture of waiting for my birthday to open my gift from my in laws...so my sister took pity on me and brought me some coffee this morning and my birthday present...

    She knows I have been kicking myself for not getting a cabas alto before they were discountinued, and she has only used hers a couple of times in 2 years....so she gave it to me! (I gave her the mezzo for her birthday last year, when she was whining that the alto was too big...lol)

    It looks almost new. There are a few spots on the bottom, a small winkle in one handle and hardly any patina!!! I have to say my sister is very anal about her bags..leather protector right away (she can't remember if she used shining monkey or wilson's, she says both work well), stuffs her bags, always in dustbag and stored in the box (even though I have heard not to do this)...it really paid off!

    Here it is! Flash is making the vachetta look a bit lighter then it actually is, but it is still very light!


    Anyway, I am off to the gym...I will take some pics of the LV explosion in my diningroom and post when I get home!
  2. Awww, what a nice sister! It looks lovely can't wait to see more pics!
  3. Soooo, you feel good about the shining monkey? I'd love to use it on my Indigo Bedford to keep the vachetta really light, but I'm really really scared....
  4. Oh fabulous bag and sister btw... so nice to have a sister you can share the good things in life with....
  5. :yahoo: That's so sweet! Congrats!
  6. Oh, what a great present! It looks almost new.
  7. Nice! Happy Birthday.
  8. I have never used it, but she swears by it, and I would say if this bag is any indication, I would say it works.
  9. What a great birthday gift! ENJOY!
  10. I say SM is legit. too.
  11. That is so nice. The bag looks fantastic.
  12. i dont think that its just shining monkey that would work though... since i live in Australia, and dont get shining monkey here, i bought a leather and stain protector spray, it worked too.. dries quickly and no sticky residue, as what you guys say about shining monkey.. =)

    happy birthday btw msbroberts! :smile:
  13. I'm glad that it maintained the quality of the leather . I actually would not want my bags to patina. I don't like the colour too much - I'd much rather a bright vachetta.

    Off topic - wasn't there a scam in the PF about 2-3 accounts being the same person trying to promote shining monkey as a leather conditioner for handbags, when in reality it's made for the interior leather of cars ? :confused1:

    I don't know much beyond that but if anyone knows, it's worth considering. I agree that any leather cleaner/conditioner should just work fine and it won't be Shining Monkey that hammers the final nail in the coffin. I've used Lexol but only b/c that was the thing here in NYC, used by the top people on 5th Ave.
  14. Happy B-Day MsB:flowers: :flowers: :flowers: !
    And what a score! Makes me sad I'm an only child...
  15. Congrats! What a beauty! I am so jealous as it's the first bag I really liked from LV but it was discontinued by the time I like LV.