Early bday gift from DH =)

  1. although it's still 1 month to go b4 my bday, DH asked me what i like.. initially wanna pick a BV pink woven wallet but seems sold out here..
    instead, i picked this red lambskin classic wallet last night and happily asked DH to come over to pay :graucho: (he's just 3 min walk from his office)... i asked him to keep it and only give me on my bday.. the bad thing is i need to fold the money into half (it's too long for HK notes), anyway i'll try get used to it.. :yahoo:

    btw, sorry for not having time to post for the past months cause pretty busy w work.. :p
  2. Very nice wallet - happy birthday! Great color. Enjoy!!!:party:
  3. Happy birthday and what good DH you have.
  4. Deeeeeeeelicious.
  5. I love bright wallets. They are so much easier to fish out of a large bag when you're in a hurry.
  6. sooo pretty! love that color!
  7. billbill thats so cute i love red wallets :smile: congrats
  8. Very Cute! What a sweet hubby!
  9. Lovely, your dh is a keeper!
  10. Nice red wallet, congrats and have a happy bday:yahoo:
  11. BEAUTIFUL wallet! :nuts: Happy birthday!
  12. So Sweet!!!
  13. pretty wallet - love the red! happy early birthday :yahoo:
  14. wow, it's pretty!!! congrats and happy early birthday :p
  15. nice wallet, congrats