Early b-day gift

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  1. #1 Jul 12, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2009
    So my B-day is in August and I been hinting for the Maggie (Saffron).. But we were at the Sawgrass Mills Mall yesterday and went by Movado & they had the Coach Watches on sale... Some were 60% off but some were 70% off and the one I loved was 705...

    It is gorgeous-Mother of Pearl Face, Gold and Dimond around and a White Leather band.

    After the discount the Price was $208.82 with tax..

    The pictures are in my Album. Sorry but we still have not figured how to thumb nail....:smooch::love::happydance:
  2. So what.....:biggrin:
  3. what is it????????
  4. Let's see!
  5. Reveal? I wanna see!
  6. Let's see it!
  7. im here lets see!!! Happy Early Birthday!!
  8. Thought I'd help out by pulling them out of the album to make them easier to view.



    The watch is absolutely stunning! What a beautiful birthday gift!
  9. What a beauty! Congrats!
  10. Ooh, I love it! What a great deal on it, too!
  11. A very beautiful watch! Congrats!!
  12. beautiful!
  13. pretty watch :smile: great birthday gift!
  14. Wow, that is a beautiful watch! What a great present to yourself and HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!
  15. That's beautiful! Congrats!