Early Anniversary Reveal

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  1. Revealing while DBF is driving home.. I sold my Speedy 25 Damier Ebene & my DBF covered the rest and I got this baby!!!

  2. happy anniversary!!
  3. What did you buy?
  4. Open!!!
  5. Any guesses???

  6. Speedy B?
  7. Thank you!! It's not till oct.24, figured i'll get it now before he changes his mind.
  8. :snack:
  9. open!
  10. Speedy b ? Open open open !!!!
  11. Speedy B?
  12. The strap gave it away huh..

    I said goodbye to my ebene
    View attachment 1894686
    And HELLO to my new Speedy B 25. I tried the 30 but i thought (& my DBF) that it was too big for my petite frame.
    View attachment 1894688
    And I went for the mono because I think its a classic piece.
  13. It's not letting me open your attachment.
  14. congrats! Modeling pic??
  15. Sure, will post some pics later. Another 1 1/2 drive till we get home. :smile: