Early 20th B'day Present!! - My Azur Speedy 35


Fashion Obsessed
Sep 3, 2008
I didn't expect it to be TODAY, because there is still more than a WEEK till my birthday! But I guess things just fell into shape.

They ordered me an iPhone (white), which was suppose to arrive ON my birthday due to -out of stock- but it came, nice and early at 10.30am, just 2 days after they ordered it. So I was so happy and giddy, and then they said they take me to LV to get my bag, and they will pay for it!! Nice start to the day.

So we went down around 4pm and we were served by the most fantastic SA's I have ever met in any of the LV stores I have been to (around 5 in total). The two SA's really did their job well and I was extremely pleased with the purchase. My mum was very happy to hand over her plastic to pay for it because she also thought the service was top. The two SA's served us and only us the whole time and was really attentive (Sydney Castlereagh St):tup:. Don't think I will be returning to The Rocks again.

Here is the shots of the bag. It is a 35, they didn't have any 30s in the store. Long story, I asked for the Azur speedy, they brought out a '30' and then I asked for a 35, they brought it out. I thought they were the same size, tried both out, and realised it was the same size. But it was perfect. I am 175cm tall and medium build, and it felt 'right'. :heart: I posed some modeling pics of me and a 35. So those who might want to know what a 35 looks on someone that height can see it.

(Excuse the pink hello kitty bed spread. I don't think I will ever give up my love for pink, and Hello Kitty:rolleyes:)

(This is in my younger siblings' room. My room is too much of a mess:yahoo:)

My presents!!! Thanks mummy and daddy~~