Earlobe repair surgery anyone?

  1. I am having one of my earlobe hole/piercings fixed this week. I used to wear big earrings in the 80s and I think it just stretched out the hole....that and having nieces and friend's children's tug at my earrings. Anyone else have this done? Did you have a plastic/cosmetic surgeon do this? I am having a dermasurgeon do it. Also, how long did you wait to have your ear pierced again?

  2. I'm so glad you posted this- I've been thinking about getting my lobe fixed!! My hole completely ripped open about 9 years ago.
  3. I was watching this show on E! (Dr. 90210) where they fixed a guy's earlobe that had ripped out really badly. He'd gotten those those thick earrings that stretch out the piercing in purpose, and it turned out very well. I'm sure since your case isn't as extreme, it should come out like new. Go for it if you feel like you really need it.
  4. Mine isn't bad but bad enough where my 0.5 carat diamond stud fell through the hole. Luckily I felt it happen so I didn't lose the earring. I spent way too much on those to risk it happening again.

    I will let you know how it turns out. I know it is fairly minor surgery. I just don't know anyone who has done it.
  5. I had it done on Tuesday. Stitches come out this Tuesday. Now a ton of my friends and coworkers want to do it. I think most people don't know that it can be done.
  6. I'm glad it went well! A friend of mine had this done last year. He had 1" wide gauges which became infected so he could not wear the jewelry anymore, and he was left with "Buddha ears". They sewed him up and his ears look good as new!
  7. May I ask how much it was? I am going on Thurs and still don't know the price.
  8. I just had one ear done and it was $250. Insurance does not cover it.

    Are you going to a plastic surgeon or a dermasurgeon?

  9. To my plastic surgeon. Just had a tummy tuck a week ago and am going back Thurs for the ear repair and to get my staples out.Never bothered to ask how much it was.
  10. The plastic surgeon wanted a bit more...maybe $400 or so. You may want to wash your hair right before your appointment because you aren't supposed to get the bandage wet for 48 hours. I still showered and washed my hair but had to wrap a plastic bag on my ear and it was a bit awkward.

    btw, stitches are in for a week and then I think you can get the ear pierced again in about 3 months.