Earache problem

  1. I like to walk for exercise around the neighborhood, but when its cold outside and my ears aren't covered up I get a HORRIBLE earache!! It lasts for about 30 minutes..Anyone else have this problem?
  2. Same thing happens to me if it's cold and the least bit windy. I bought a little Under Armor ear cover band and it helps a lot :yes:
  3. Yup, it happens to me as well. I have to wrap a scarf around my head or pull up my collar... I will get violently ill if my ears are exposed for too long.
  4. Me too! me too! every time I swim at the beach,even in Summer, it happens as well - it's like the cold water goes in and then the sea breeze blows through ad it's AGONY. Sometimes I have to press my hand against my ear cos it hurts so much.

    I bought a beanie - it looks terrible, but my ears need to be completely covered or I'm in serious pain. Even a little bit of exposure (a slight chill wind whistling past my head) will start the earache and I know i's time to head home.