Ear Piercings... NEED HELP!

  1. Hi I am new to this board and I was just hoping to get some input on earrings and earpiercings for anyone that has them. I recently got some small bezel-set diamond studs from my husband for my birthday. I've been pretty conservative most of my life and just have one piercing in each ear.

    I like the studs my husband got me but they are just too small to wear alone in the single holes I have right now and I am considering getting my ears double pierced so I can wear the studs in the second hole. I think my husband likes the look because I have heard him mention how it looks "sexy" on other women.

    I was thinking about surprising him and coming home one day with my double pierced ears but I am a teacher and I don't know how two holes in each ear would be viewed. I was looking for input from people who have second piercings or know people that do. Did it hurt? Do you think I will still look conservative enough as a teacher? Do any of you know people in professional settings that wear double pierced earrings? Thanks for your input!
  2. i don't think anyone even notices double peircings or even upper cartilege peircings they're so common now. it's when you start getting into ear "projects", stretching and very obvious body piercing jewelry that you'll get some stares/comments.

    none of the peircings in my lobes hurt very much. like a pinch. i used to have three earrings in each lobe and two caralidge hoops in my left ear. i took them out b/c i didn't like thinking about coordinating my earrings all the time...no one ever had a problem with them and i worked in an office/school setting for some of that time.

    almost every woman i know in every age bracket has at least two peircings. i say if you like it go for it! i can't see anyone in a professional setting even having a second thought about it, especially if what you're going to wear in the second holes are little diamond studs. who can have a problem with diamonds after all? hehe.
  3. I saw an ANCIENT woman on the bus the other day, she must have been about 70 ;) and she had two holes in one ear both with pearls studs in them.

    I couldn't stop staring at them!
  4. never liked double ear piercings i do find them very "unclassy" but there are exceptions if the right person wears them (soory do not want to offend anyone)
  5. I'm with lilach on this one. Multiple piercings always draw my attention and usually not in a good way.
  6. i also have a small pair of studs that i have wanted to wear but like a more substantial look. i have diamond hoops and have toyed with the idea of getting a second piercing to wear the two together. but i never have because i don't really think i would like it once it was done. i am a one piercing kind of gal. i think this is really a personal kind of thing and if you think you might not be comfortable i would not let one pair of earrings influence you. good luck! queen
  7. I work in a very conservative field and there are a ton of women who have double piercings. As long as one hole (usually the top hole) is a nice small post and the second is classy (a hoop, larger post, dangly) I don't think anyone notices.

    I'd love to get a second hole but when I tried as a teenager they got all infected so i've stuck with one for the time being. :smile:
  8. there's nothing wrong w/ 2 holes in your earlobe, it's toally common and not at all questionable IMO.
  9. I personally don't think it's a question of conservative... I think that one was put to bed a long time ago... like earrings on men. Does anyone even notice anymore? I just personally don't like the look of double pierced ears. I have mine double pierced, and I NEVER wear anything in the second hole. Also - it feels completely uncomfortable to wear anything in that hole... always has, I don't know why.

    I am right into diamond stud earrings. It's all I ever wear, and it's great because they're appropriate for anything.
  10. Here's my ear with a second pierce. Not over the top at all! As far as hurting when you get it, it's not that bad. Do go to a respectable tattoo shop and have it done though. Don't go to those places in the mall! A tattoo shop is regulated by the board of health and the folks that do the piercings there know what they are doing. That's how I got my second piercings done. Excuse my dusty mirror! The flash shows every spec. :shame:

  11. I've been debating about that as well, I still have a single piercing, and for the past two years debating on whether it would look nice on me to have both done.
  12. Prada - yours look great!

    And thank you for that tip. I never in a million years would've thought to go to a tatoo shop...now I just need to find a good one around where I live. Because I really think I want to try my second holes again. Then I can wear the gorgeous light green sapphire earrings my hubby bought me for Christmas last year. :smile:
  13. You're welcome, Casto! If you decide to have it done, just be sure to dab some alcohol around the earring/piercing for a week or so after you have it done. It really will keep down the infection. I frankly have forgotten how long after the piercing it was before I actually removed the earring itself to soak it in some alcohol and give the pierce a good cleaning, but you can ask the piercer about that. Even under the best of circumstances there's always a chance for infection, but if you use alcohol a few times a day, you should be fine. Since your earrings are gold and sapphire, the alcohol won't harm them. I make it a point to remove my diamond studs and soak them in alcohol at least once a week for hygiene and it gets all the skin oils off them.

    Good luck if you decide to have them done!!:idea:

    Funny thing, since I upgraded my studs to the 1 carat total (1/2 per ear) that are in that photo, I've toyed with getting a third pierce to put the 1/2 carat totals I used to have in those piercings. They are very nice studs set in platinum and I hate to let them sit in the drawer. We'll see.:shrugs:
  14. Hey, everyone, thank you so much for your input. I just thought I would update everyone. So I went to the mall yesterday because I decided to get my ears double pierced and I about chickened out but I saw a little girl getting it done at Claire's and plus they were having a special on piercing studs so I decided to go ahead and do it. They marked my ears a little further up the lobe and then pierced them with some small gold ball studs.

    I came home later that afternoon and decided to surprise my husband. At first he didn't notice so I sat down on the couch next to him and flicked my hair back behind my ears. Once he noticed he smiled and told me how good it looked and how surprised he was that I got them double pierced. I didn't even realize how much he liked the look of double pierced ears until he kept talking about it so I'm thinking I made a good decision

    I won't be able to wear the studs he got me for about a month or so until my ears heal up but I enjoy wearing the small balls for now. It feels kind of different wearing two pairs of earrings but I love it! I will update everyone and let you know how it goes monday after wearing them to school to teach my classes.