Ear piercing before ear piercing guns

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How many ear piercings do you have?

  1. One per earlobe

  2. Two per earlobe

  3. More than two per earlobe

  4. Earlobe AND other ear piercings (cartlidge etc)

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  1. Hi to all! An an official delurk!

    I trust everyone had a great Easter!

    I was recently talking with a couple of friends and neighbours about ear piercing and ear piercing guns. One of my neighbours in her 60's described that she had her ears pierced in 1979 with what she thought was one of the first ear piercing guns. Another described getting her ears pierced at the dentists which really surprised me and others.

    I am not sure the age of board members but does anyone like tell their story of what it was like to get your ears pierced before ear piercing guns? And how ears were professionally pierced at hairdressers, dentists and jewellers? Was the late 1970's really when ear piercing guns were invented (they seem a little older when I goggled them) or just popularised?

    Any experiences you ladies would like to share would be great! I am fan of earrings with my ears pierced a couple of times ....:smile:


    Ciao, Lisian
  2. Mine were all professionally done (too young), but my mom had hers pierced with an ice cube, a potato, and a needle; her mom did it. yikes!

    I would have never thought to go to the dentist, lol. I have two piercings in each earlobe, and then my tragus pierced in ear ear as well (that's the little part that sticks out from your face, right in the middle of your ear)

    Oh, and welcome to the purse forum! :flowers:
  3. My grandmother had hers pierced whilst at work when she was 17 (in the munitions factory during WWII) with a cork and a darning needle, thankfully mine were pierced with a gun in 1982. My mum saw it didn't hurt too much so had hers done after mine.
  4. I had mine pierced in 1981 and it was with a piercing gun.
  5. When i had mine done - long ago, the doctor had a special stainless steel
    earring that was like a thumbtack and was "pushed" through the ear. Also, at that time earring backs were the screw type for studs!
  6. Mine were pierced with a needle and thread when I was six months old.
  7. Mine were pierced with a very long graduated needle in the doctor's office when I was seven. I remember my mom telling me to close my eyes and not look but of course I did - and that was one HUGE needle!
  8. I had my done with a gun, but I did my second holes my self. I don't remember with what though. I took the second holes out though, it was just a phase I guess.
  9. I pierced mine myself when I was about a year old. I jammed one of my mom's earrings into one lobe and got it stuck (guess it was bleeding a lot too)! She took me to the hospital, they disinfected it and just pierced the other one b/c she was afraid I'd do the other one b/c I said I wanted earrings like hers.
  10. I had mine pierced back in '69 and my Dad did it. We used ice, a clothes pin and he heated a needle that was threaded.:sweatdrop::sweatdrop: PAIN!!!!!! and one is lower than the other dangit! lol:roflmfao:
  11. i used to have a total of 10 on both of my ears but i took them all down after having a baby-i felt like it's time to let go of that past. now i just keep one on each ear lobe.
  12. i have three in each lobe and two cartilege (all but one in each lobe are all closed now). two were with guns (87 and 94) one was by myself with just an old peircing stud (OUCH!) which i took out about a month later, healed then re pierced with a gun after much pleading with my mother (97) and two were with piercing needles at a parlor (01 and 02)

    my mom had hers done at a jeweler in 62 and a friend did the second ones in 75.
  13. I had mine pierced with a gun in 1984.
  14. I don't know what they used before, Sorry. I have 3 in one ear and 2 in the other. A friend made one of them with a needle, the other ones are made with gun.
  15. I have 2 piercings in each ear. I can't remember when they were done, I think the 2nd ones were when I was about 13. The first ones were done without a gun, and the 2nd ones were with a gun. Of course, I preferred the gun method!