Ear Gauging Help!

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  1. So I just got my ears pierced with an 8 gauge needle the other day and I was later told that my ears may never heal up completely because the piercing was too big to start with. I think that sucks...So I was hoping some one could tell me if this is true or not. Also, does anyone know if I just took out the jewelry, would my ears just heal up totally? Or maybe I could just put in 18 gauge jewelry and my ears will heal to that size? Please, someone give me hope. :sad:
  2. There'a hope. Just take the piercing out and let it close up to a small gauge. If it was pierced with a needle, it should be fine. If you got to the 8 gauge because of a dermal punch, then you'd have no hope. Good luck. If you plan to go up in size, you should just be patient and take the time to stretch.
  3. I think given time they will heal even at 8ga. Earlobes have very high healing success. Most importantly is to keep your hands off your piercing as much as possible and soak the piercing in a sea salt solution daily especially during the early stages of your healing period. I don't think you need to lose the piercing if 8ga is really what you want.
  4. Agreed, and good advice. Watch the piercings carefully, keep them clean. They will eventually close to a smaller size and you can wear "normal" 18-20 gauge earrings.
  5. if you had you're ears pierced with an 8 gauge then that's as small as you will ever be able to go. the only reason most gauges close up is because with traditional gauging one pierces their ears with a standard size needle (18ga) and then stretches slowly from there. the problem with getting your ears done with an 8 gauge is that tissue is removed. removed tissue cannot grow back. stretched tissue can grow back because of the fact that it is only stretched, not removed. sorry for the downing news, but surgery is your only hope for returning to normal ears. hope this helps.
  6. My ears were stretched to Zero - after wearing tunnels and claws for years, I now wear a pair of 1 1/2 ctw diamond studs without issue -

    My point - they will close up - if mine did at Zero - then yours will at 8. :yes:
  7. thats not very large so you should be okay. if you want to shrink them try putting in a 10 or 12 gauge after the initial healing period for a while and see if the holes ajust accordingly. i wouldnt try going to an 18 right away or closing them completely. you may wind up with an unsightly scar.
  8. Hi. How did they close up? any success? I would be interested to see how normal studs now look in your ears.


    Ciao, Lisian
  9. I think there is a chance it will heal in if you take the piercing out now while it is still fresh. If you wait, it will probably not close. I have regular piercings in my ears, but my holes have stretched over time from wearing large earrings that got caught in my hair and pulled. I tried not wearing earrings for a while and it didn't do anything so now I just live with it, mine is really not so bad although I can't wear earrings that are very heavy now.
  10. The real question is whether you WANT the 8 guage piercing and are just concerned about it healing properly or whether you have changed your mind. Either way, provided that it was pierced with a needle and not a punch, you should be fine. If you don't want the piercing that large, put in a smaller guage ring and it ought to heal to that size without issue. If you DO want the 8 guage, I think it will heal properly at the size it is at provided you care for it properly. Needle piercings usually heal well - much better than punches.