Ear Gauge Help!!

  1. I've had my ears stretched for over a year now, and iv come up to a half inch.
    I have never had a blow out or a tear, but recently the backside of my left earlobe has been swelling up, as if i had a blowout, but i don't. I have no idea why this is happening and its only on my left lobe. Can anybody body help me out please? :sad:
  2. Could be a minor infection inside the flesh of the hole,to avoid a blowout I would suggest removing any hardware for a couple of days and let the traumatised flesh have a rest without it trying to stretch and heal at the same time.Try having a look on a tattoo site,as body adornments and piercings as yours tend to all be admired by a crowd with similar tastes,someone there may be able to give you absolutly the advice you need!!Good luck, and I hope your not in pain too long!xxxxxxxx
  3. Sorry that this is happening to you. You may want to go see a doctor.
  4. maybe wore some jewelry you are eallergic to?
  5. Go see a doctor right away!!!! It could be nothing (minor) or it could be something that turns nasty quickly. Infection in the ear is close to the brain, not a good thing to leave unchecked. Infection can get out of control very easily and fast. A doctor will know for sure if it needs treatment or antibiotics etc.