Ear Cropping and Tail Docking

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  1. These cosmetic procedures are sooo inhumane...does anyone know any organizations that are trying to get these things banned in America?

    I know the vet that I used to work for wouldn't crop ears, but some still do...I think its so sad and cruel!
  2. I agree. I think all the dogs breeds who are known to have their ears cropped look so much cuter uncropped! Cropped ears do not look good at all IMO.
  3. ^^^ I agree! I had a Schnauzer who's ears I didn't crop, he was so cute!
  4. ^I have to agree too. My Schnauzer came to me with cropped ears, but I think they're so much cuter with their natural floppy ears :heart:
  5. I totally agree with this. Those poor animals go through so much pain for some cosmetic procedure. I think they look cute the way they were meant to be.:heart: I think some people who get it done is uneducated about it, so this is a great thread topic, couturegrl!!
  6. ^Thanks!! I am just shocked on a constant basis that owners are willing to put their precious pets through such cruel, painful procedures just to get them to look a certain way.
  7. my spaniel had her tail docked at birth(and trust me it was safer for us because her tail would have trashed the house and when she wiggles her little stump she gets over excited and ends up doing a little booty dance thing, its so f'ing cute) but when i found out how it was done i creid. the breeder tied elastic bands to the puppies tails till they dropped off. but ear cropping is just insane. they look so cute with floppy ears, you wouldnt do it to a cute bunny so why do it to a dog
  8. ^some vets dock tails by cutting through the bone with scissors while the puppy in totally conscious.

    Its so sad :sad:
  9. I am very much against cosmetic tail docking and ear cropping.

    When I see a dog with cropped ears it just breaks my heart.

    Plus, dogs definitely look cuter with their natural ears...If they were meant to stick up (like my dogs' ears) then they'd do it on their own.

    I will say that I think I heard somewhere that in certain cases the tail docking isn't just cosmetic...something about dogs and breaking their tails...might not be true. Does that sound familiar to anyone?
  10. ^ iv heard that too but since the origonal working dog breeds arent used for heavy work anymore i dont think this is true. how could a pet break its tail when its babied all of the time KWIM?
  11. My doggie is a rescue Australian Shepherd and while BF and I were looking for possible adoption candidates and came upon Porsche we were a little consfused when her description mentioned that she had a full tail.
    Aussies are not recognized by kennel associations if their tails aren't docked...whcih is ridiculous because they look beautiful with full tails!!
    ARPH which is the group that rescued our pooch are big advocates against tail docking since it is an inhumane process and usually aussies with full tails end up homeless because people don't want them.

    I can't imagine Porsche without her beautiful tail...I added a picture of her at 10 weeks.:smile:
    Max  Porsche 09.06.05 006.jpg
  12. ^Thats one of the reasons that I am not the biggest fan of the AKC and other breed based organizations...I don't like how they condone these procedures.

    You dog is sooo cute!!! LOVE the long natural tail! :smile:
  13. Many years ago, we used to have our puppies tails docked and dew claws removed at 3 days old. Our vet would come around, numb the tail and dew claw area and remove them. I remember the first time, thinking about how painful it was going to be for the poor pup. I closed my eyes and when I opened them the pup was back at his mother's teat........drinking. Now, I don't know if tail docking is right or wrong, but I do know that there are cruel ways to do things and there are humane ways to do things and it is our responsibility to always choose the humane way. It is my hope that I haven't offended anyone but I wanted to share a different perspective of the matter.
  14. Porsche is just adorable!!! I love that she has a full tail! Our dogs do too--tails are such an important part of dog communication!
  15. One county in the state of VA has just outlawed both these practices.:yahoo: