Ear candling...

  1. Anyone ever try ear candling? The place I get my nails done has it and I was thinking about trying it but I'm not sure if it's really worth it. It is supposed to help get the crud and fluid or whatever out of your ears. I have sinus problems and so I was thinking it might help. Is this a good thing to do or is it just a waste of money?
  2. It's actually really great and definitely worth it in my opinion.

    I get mine done every 6 months or so and you'd be shocked at how much "stuff" comes out of your ears!!

    It's really gross!!!!
  3. really? I might try it then. I can feel I have fluid in my ears for sure and who knows what else.
  4. I have done it once myself... didn't really notice any benefits though.
  5. I've done it, it was amazing what came out I could have made a candle with all the wax LOL (yes I know gross) I was really cynical but it is well worth it, you can often buy them at herbal stores or chinese medicine places cheaper than salons they are really easy to use
  6. Yeah they're pretty easy to find at health food stores. I would suggest having it done by someone your first time though so you can see exactly how it's done so that:

    a. you don't waste you money doing it wrong

    b. you realize how messy it can actually get if you don't do it right

    The first time I had it done I felt like I could hear so much better!!! haha....
  7. I get mine done every 6 mo also.
    Kept turning down the TV after the first time I had it done. I use q-tips & I keep pushing down the wax so it covered my eardrum. I could hear better.
    I have allergies & it really opens up my sinus for a few days.
    I wouldn't try doing it myself, You need to keep cutting the candle after it burns so it doesn't fall on your face or hair & burn you. Maybe you can get your DH or BFF to help.
    You'd be surprised at how much wax comes out of your ear. My "candler" keeps wanting to show me, after a couple of times I said, "its making me sick, I don't need to see it."
  8. Wow how is this done can someone tell me please?
  9. Ear Candling does absolutely nothing, and is a waste of time and money. I'll dig up the articles in a sec
  10. They stick this wrapped starched muslin candle - looks like a tube, in your ear & light it. Your laying on your side.
    It creates smoke which fills your ear canal & a suction develops, which draws the wax up the sides of the candle.
    The spa technician cuts the burnt end off the candle every so often so it doesn't drop on your face or hair. When it burns down to a couple inches from your face they pull it out. They then cut down through it to see how much is in there. To know how many more candles they need to use.
  11. My allergist recommended I do it cause I had wax buildup due to Qtip use. The doctor could no longer see my eardrum.
    Now he can & he told me to keep going & having it done. This is the only thing I have done to remove wax.
    He is a medical doctor.
    These candles are starched muslin, they are NOT made out of any kind of wax.
  12. I don't know if it's every brand but the type I use don't drop ash I have my Bf hold it straight for me & I do the same for him (not the same time LOL) It very relaxing both having it done and watching it.
  13. It doesn't matter...wax or not, they don't work. The theory that they suck the wax out of your ear simply isn't true.

    Also, if you read, it wasn't only wax, it's the residue from the actual "candle". Some candles are coated with wax, some are not. The ones with wax will leave wax residue and as well as residue from the coated material. The ones without was simply leave the material residue.

    Here are some more doctors saying its a bunch of crap:


  14. I find it relaxing too.
    I am so addicted to q-tips, I get water in my ears everytime I wash my hair or take a shower. I can't stand that feeling.