Eagerly Anticipated Tano Fonzworthy is HIDEOUS - ACK!!!

  1. Im so sad!

    After careful consideration of MANY different bags I took some great advice and went with a Tano. I couldnt get the bag I wanted (Boogie Bucket in Blueprint) so instead went for a Fonzworth in Red, on sale at LB. This was last Thursday.

    Being so close to MA, the bag arrived today and I raced home to see it, I even used my break at work to stop and get batteries for the big TPF reveal thread I had planned.

    So I rip open the paper and see what does not look like a nice shiny new red bag, but what looks like an old worn out maroon bag with multiple scrapes and scratches. It is SO misrepresented in the pictures on the website, now I have to send it back because the color I might have been able to deal with but its so used looking!

    Top that off with something I cannot stand - the zippers! Ok, I get it - red bag, red zippers. Right? WRONG. How is it that no one said "Hey wait a minute, the zipper material is totally showing and its clearly the color of fruit punch when the bag is a shade away from being a red wine stain on white carpet - this doesnt match"? They look ridiculous.

    Plus it has a bunch of loose threads and even the tags are all bent up and mooshed - this thing has obviously been through the ringer.

    And I know some will say tht since it was on sale for $156 that I got a good deal, but spending $156 on my first "really nice purse" is $156 too much when I wouldnt leave the house with it.

    Im very frustrated! Im sending it back TOMORROW and waiting for my credit, but heres why Im really annoyed. I was planning on getting a Boogie Bucket in Pool because they just got listed on musthavebag, but now Im wondering if this is how they all look and Ill just be disappointed again. Sigh.

    OH, and thinking this was going to be so great, I ordered a Tano wallet as well that should be here on Friday. Hopefully I wont be sending that one back too!

    Has anyone seen the spring bags in person, and if so do you think they look good or should I just stay away from Tano all together?
  2. I'm so sorry that you don't like your first Tano bag. I have 2 and I love them both, one was ordered from musthavebag.com and the other I got in person from a small boutique close to where I live. About the only place that I would be comfortable ordering a Tano from online is musthavebag.com because I know that Alexandra is an expert when it comes to Tano, so you know that she won't send you an irregular bag. Will you be able to send it back? I hope you like your wallet!
  3. man...that really sux!!!! I just recently got my fonzeworth from musthave bag is brusscatio brown and I love it- It def isnt "beat up looking." I have never got a tano bag that has looked all worn out like that- i bet you got a customer return. If I were you I would send it back and start fresh- get a tano from musthave bag and then if tanos still arnt from you, you know its time to move on.
  4. hmm honestly I never even liked that style. The condition you received it in sounds horrible and I don't blame you for sending it back.

    I got my boogie bucket for around 160 I think and I love it! Hopefully with your next tano you'll have better luck.
  5. Yes, don't give up! I bought a Thugs and Kisses recently and it was HUGE and fugly but they have so many styles and leathers you will surely find another one that is just the right fit :smile:
  6. You got a bad bag. Definitely send it back. I purchased a vixen from musthavebags that was perfect- exactly as pictured and came pristine. I would definitely call them up and let them know that the bag was not in new condition.
  7. I emailed them and got a response already - they said they "occasionally miss a scratched bag because crunch leather is so easily damaged" and that "every monitor is different so colors dont always look true to life, thats the problem with online shopping!" which is all pretty much run around, Im fairly sure I just got someones used bag that was returned. I would bet someone carried it for the 2 week limit then returned it. Im sending it back for my credit and Ill stick to musthavebag since everyone says shes the best - too bad Ill be missing out on that 20% off code though!
  8. I don't own any Tano bags, but that sounds like a bad bag from any company. I'd definitely send it back and wait for something better.
  9. is it possible for you to snap and post a picture before you send it back :sad: Im so sorry you were disappointed I find tano leathers to look "used" pretty quickly, there is a store near me that sells them and just from being handled and displayed you get that worn look but i guess some ppl like that and find it is character
  10. Yikes! Sounds awful!
  11. I'm sorry you were disappointed!!!! Clearly you got a bad return bag. What a shame.
  12. i am sorry to hear this.... i have several Tano's and they have all been wonderful, I have to agree, you probably got a bad/used bag. I would reorder from Alexandra. Tano's are definitely very nice bags for the price.
  13. Thats such a bummer. Sorry you had a bad 1st experience with Tano! Dont give up, though. Sounds like you just got a dud.

    I know exactly how you feel. When I order something online (usually clothes) I get so excited. I track the package online like every hour. When it arrives, I rip the box open with my bare hands and yank out the merchandise in anticipation.

    Recently I got a box full of stuff from anthro and 3/4 of it went right back. Either the clothes didnt fit, didnt look good on me, or I didnt like he material or it just wasnt what I expected. On the one hand, I was glad that I didnt end up spending as much $ as I thought (since I was returning most of it) and was already getting sort of excited for the next round of shopping online (yes, I know that Im psycho) but on the other hand its sort of like a waste of time and energy when you end up with something that disappoints. The returning is bit of a hassle as well.

    Shopping in person is always better than shopping online (did I really say that? I have an online store!) but we dont always have the spare time to do so, or stores nearby that we like.
  14. Ok, heres the pics. The first two are the stock photos from LB, the rest are mine. In one you can see how the leather strap is splitting and in the others you can see the wear to the bag as well as the color my friend just referred to as "dried blood". Ew.






  15. I don't understand how a merchant can send you a 'new' bag that has clearly been beaten to holy hell. :shrugs: