ead_angel's collection!

  1. Your Tano Sexbomb in Dandelion is to die for!!
    Pretty collection!
  2. great collection
  3. Love your little LV Heart Coin purse! Great colour! Awesome collection!
  4. Louis Vuitton Galliera GM

    IMG_2271 (Large).JPG IMG_2272 (Large).JPG IMG_2273 (Large).JPG IMG_2275 (Large).jpg IMG_2277 (Large).jpg
  5. ^ So cute! Perfect size for you.
  6. The size looks perfect for you, love this pics :tup:

    Definitely post some more pics with weight inside but without the purseket, and see if you get more slouch...my PM sits so flat accross the front with the purseket, I just cant use those things!! Looks better without I think....which is hard because this is a big bag that would be much easier to find things in when they are all in compartments...but it's all about looking good Erica so forget being organised lol...:p
  7. Very cute!! Congrats:tup:
  8. Fascinating collection! I love the Galliera GM and your Framboise Heart Coin Purse!
  9. I agree, but think we are the minority because everyone loves their purseket/pursetogo, it's definitely making me think about getting a pursetogo... and I like how it keeps the lining clean too. However, my favorite feature of the galliera is how it flops/folds/swishes as you move around and I can't imagine liking it if it puffed out and became more structured. For now, I have a burberry scarf lying on the bottom to try and keep the lining cleaner. I kinda like the scarf, the novacheck pattern compliments it, IMO. Going to the Purse to Go website though to check it out and think about it some more.:p
  10. Yes, I am ordering a Tan Jumbo Purse To Go for the Galliera. Since I have a GM, I am hoping the jumbo size will still allow the bag to slouch some (as opposed to if I ordered the extra jumbo size which would surely fit.)
  11. Gilt Groupe.. I would love to be referred to this group.. can you help me with that??


    Fashion is my Passion!
  12. I just ordered a tan trio purse to go - they said it was all fabric, so sounds better than the purseket, if it doesn't work for the galliera I can use it in my other bags...
  13. Gorgeous collection ... especially love the Galliera on you!:yes:
  14. Love the Galleria! Such a pretty bag.
  15. I really like its diversity - the tano bag is so much fun