Each season's colors....

  1. Hi there,
    Just wondering it there was some sort of refernce so I could find out which colors were produced in each season? I know there are soooo many!
    Specifically, I am interested in "canary".....does anyone have info? I believe the lining is a dark colored suede.....
    Any help is appreciated! Thanks!!!
  2. bag.lover is like the MJ goddess/guru...I'm sure she'll be able to help you out. She is always a wealth of information, it's uncanny!
  3. Yes I have noticed that! I really appreciate all of her hard work that has gone into providing information & organization :heart:
  4. Carina: Resort 05's Canary Soft Calf styles have gold & silver hardwares, off-white top stitching, brown suede lining, and brown leather edges.
  5. see, I told you she's a genius! bag.lover, we are all indebted to you! :P
  6. Awesome thanks so much!
    Now....to get or not to get the multipocket?? lol
  7. You are making me blush. =)
    I am still learning like all of us here. =)
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