Each print's Must Have character....

  1. Okay, I am so new to this forum( usually in Chanel), and the more I lurk in here, the more tempted that I get in collecting them. I have to admit that some of the prints are really cute, but I don't think it will look right on me(for my age), so I have an excuse to buy it for my teenage dd instead (only that she has to earn it, till then...I get to use it:graucho:). Recently I bought myself a Adios Star Gioco, the new Famiglia Zucca, and won the Cita Bella from eBay(thanks for authenicated it for me).

    Just curious....from what I have read from here, certain characters on certain print seems to be a must have, or make that bag more valuable...is it true? What characters would you be looking for on an inferno print (my next target to get), L'amore, Pirita, Citta......tia:smile:
  2. Hi...welcome to the Toki addiction!! :welcome:

    I don't think that there's necessarily a specific character that must be on each print it's more of a personal preference. When we get bags, we love to get the ones with our most favorite characters on them. Like for me I'm obsessed with the lattes so if they're on a print I have to get them on my bag. Am I making sense or am I confusing you?

    I also don't think certain characters make the bag worth more but if it's super cute overall with the cutest characters on the bag, then of course I'm sure you could get more $$$ for it on eBay or something like that.

    I'm not obsessed with the inferno print but my favorite characters on that print are the bullets and the girls with the ipods..so cute :graucho:
  3. Thanks TokiliciousJenY! I personally love the Inferno (with all those cute devils) and the Citta. Gosh, I need to start learning all those characters' name so that I can express myself better...lol! :sweatdrop:
  4. There are a lot of really really cute characters. Plus the more you look at a particular print the more characters you start to see. It's crazy...kind of like one of those Magic Eye things!! Citta is adorable with the little popcorn guy and Mozzarella (the cow with the gun) I actually like Citta Rosa better than Citta because I :heart: pink. Citta and Citta Rosa are the same print just in different colors!
  5. The way I see it, I have my "serious" bags and clothes to look professional, but when I'm not at work, I'm any age!!
    Yes, the prints are "cute", but have a certain style (to me) that can work at any age with the right outfits.
    My favorite characters are the Sushi Kid and SANDy, but I'm not too particular.
  6. Oh I love that Mozzarella too, and the cactus friends, and the cute monkey riding on the motorcycle....:pwhat can I say, I can't take my eyes off my new Citta bella now!
  7. Congrats!! I didn't realize you bought a citta bella. I just re-read your first post! :yahoo: Don't you love the pink inside? The cactus friends are super super cute too!! :drool: I also love the girl with the pink hair! So how many tokis do you have now, three?
  8. Thanks TokiliciousJenY.
    LOL....I just realize that I haven't even unzip the Toki bag yet....was too hypnotize by those cute, cute characters in the front.:sweatdrop: Oh yes...now that I finally unzipped it, I do loveeeeee that pink color that also matches up with those girls' pink hair.

    Right now, I have 3 bags (Cita Bella, Adios Star, and the Black bella that has the cita print inside) which are really for myself to use, and then 2 other Tokis bags( famiglia, Lamore) are in my closet waiting for my dd to earn them( actually I use them as a bribery to get her do things that she really doesn't like to do, but is good for her:graucho:).

    I saw a lady wearing an Inferno bella last night, and I so wanted to make a compliment on it...but didn't! That bag is soooo cute!
  9. I'd say it depends on what your favorite character is. My favorites on Inferno are the vampire bunnies, and the devil ovens. My Inferno zucca has both prominently displayed, but does not have, say, the full tree scene which might be someone else's favorite in that print. It's incredibly valuable to me, because it has my favorites. Plus, Simone signed it after I inadvertently snagged a private audience with him:love:
  10. Oh lucky you! That bag must be your most valuable Toki for now!:tup: I am debating if I should get a zucca or a bella bella in Inferno...that's if I ever find one.:rolleyes:
  11. Hey petals12!:smile: And welcome to the Toki forum!!!:p We each have our own fav characters. For me, I love Sandy, the Lattes, Mozzarella, and Adios. But everyone has their own :tender:favorites, which I think is what makes this forum so fun to visit.:yes:
  12. Thanks angelic*ruin! I do have to admit that this is a very fun forum here...I am loving all those cute characters. My dd and her best friend think that I am a cool mom...lol... all because that I know a bit more about Toki than they do...well, thanks to you all....lol, but I still have lots to learn (sh...keep that a secret, ok:graucho:)
  13. Heyy!! WELCOME! I'm new to this site along with the forum. but like everyone said already, all depends on you. xD
    I personally... LOVE the monkeys. and "Fantasmino"... the little grim reaper(sorta looks like adios). I :heart: Lattes and the Milks too! CUTE! XD
  14. yep - everyone has their own favorites, so you have to look at the entire print and decide which one is ur 'must-have' characters.

    what i must have on these prints are

    inferno - the devil with marshmallow
    lamore - adios&ciaociao, the sushi couple, moofia couple, butterfly couple
    pirata - love all the girls...since pirata is considered a small print, you can probably get the whole print. I got the whole print on a ciao.
    Citta - pink haired girl, planes, and the monkey climbing a tower.
  15. :lol::lol: Don't worry...your secret is safe with us! :sneaky::sneaky: