1. im a bit confused. :hysteric:after the price increase in Nov, how much is the e/w now? some says its $1395 and some says its $1750. also, do you happen to know where i can get e/w caviar with gold h/w (beige) for $1395. it'd only help if they are willing to post it over to Malaysia....

    many thanks.. shall be waiting! :girlsigh:
  2. Laira, maybe you can try whether Saks deliver to M'sia. I am sure they do at a charge of USD$50. I have tried ordering from NM to where I live and they shipped the items in less than 10 days. G'luck. Btw, I bought a e/w in lamb :nuts:
  3. wow lalique.. i bet your bag is a beauty..! did you get it for $1395 or higher?
  4. spiralsnowman, thanks for your help! i'm gonna try Saks now..!
  5. There is a Red Caviar E/W on eBay right now. It's gorgeous - $2,019.90 USD Buy Now price or make offer!!

    It's from one of our tpfr's collection.
  6. There were some that turned up at the old price that were available, but that was a fluke.
  7. She's a lovely pfer and i have bought from her before. U can submit your offer to her. It's a rare 2005 caviar e/w flap....really hard to come by! If only it's a med or jumbo size, i wuld have snap it already....LOL:graucho: