E/W Stam - Yay or Nay???

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E/W Stam - To buy or not to buy???

  1. Buy it - it's a beautiful, classic bag and a great deal!

  2. Don't buy it - there are nicer, better bags out there!

  3. Don't buy it - it's repetitive based on what you own already!

  4. Don't buy it - it'll go on more sale!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I'm considering getting this bag since it's on sale at NAP...thoughts please!

    Does anyone have this bag? Is it also very heavy like the regular Stam?

    Any thoughts on how classic this bag is? I already have the little stam in gold. I also have a black leather Coach Daphne which is a bit similar in shape. Would getting the E/W Stam in black or mouse be repetitive?

    TIA!!!!! :smile:
  2. How on sale is it sharbear?
  3. Sharbear - I personally like the original Stam much more than their spin-offs (E/W Frame, Hobo Stam, and E/W Stam) which didn't quite take off. E/W Stam is nicer looking than Hobo Stam to me though.

    The original Stam is the most classic out of all of them, it has more staying power.
  4. I love the original stam best. But I have only seen the hobo stam on sale. But I have a feeling the e/w may go on sale as well.
  5. 40% off.

  6. You mean to tell me I paid 945 for my Trish when I could have gotten it for 810?
  7. ^ Nordstrom will re-adjust the price within 14 days of purchase (sometimes only 1-time adjustment), you can give the direct link (or printout) to your SA. Only Chestnut Trish is available at NAP though, I'm not sure if they sold out (or never carried) of the other colors.
  8. It's not worth it. I'm sick and I don't feel like going back to Nordies for the next month. I should be happy with the price I paid. I was planning on paying full price....now if NM cuts the price on the Chili Trish one more time...I may get that.
  9. Hope you feel better. Hugs~
    Hunting for deals can be very time consuming & tiring, that's why I'm just not good at them. Time is money. =)

    Not sure if it'll last that long at NM though, maybe, there are stores where items just don't move. Stuffs fly off the shelves at my local Nordies/NM.
  10. That's my Nordies too. However I thought that the Trish would be completely sold out (especially in chili) at that price. But it's still up there.
  11. I'm not even a huge fan of the Stam style and I think it's really pretty - and I LOVE the Mouse color.
  12. dawn - Is the Mouse colour same as the Taupe that NAP has on sale right now?

    bag.lover & elongreach - Well, I haven't seen the E/W Stam IRL, but if you ladies are saying that the original Stam is much nicer, then perhaps I should pass...save my money for a bag I'm 100% about! You ladies are such MJ pros...I trust your taste and judgment! Thanks for your comments!
  13. ^ The pictures belong to a Cashew E/W Stam. The description is for Mouse which is described as the new Taupe with grey undertone.

    Sharbear, style and color really depend on each person's preference. If you love it, get it. Otherwise, you should wait for something you absolutely love. Don't settle for deals, sales are never ending. =)
  14. bag.lover is right. I got soooo caught up over the summer with OMGosh this is on sale that I was buying things left and right that I wasn't really in love with. Take your time. The bag isn't going anywhere. Do you have a store near you that you can look at the bag and put your things inside of the bag to see how it feels?
  15. i'm in the minority, but i actually quite like the E/W stam. i think the slight differences from the classic stam make it stand out...in a good way :smile:

    and, it's a really good price...one you're not likely to find on a classic stam. if i hadn't blown my handbag budget for the year (and then some), i'd be on that like white on rice!