E/W: old vs new chain?

  1. I bought a black caviar with silver hardwear e/w with the old chain last week but my SA didn't ship it b/c she said the new bijoux chain became available after I left. I originally wanted the new chain but there were none available. I'm going back to look at it later in the week but now i'm torn. The old chain kind of grew on me over the long weekend. Pros/cons of each? TIA
  2. New Chain
    Pros: Edgy, modern, stands out more because of the metal
    Cons:Cold on a bare shoulder, other members have complained of it making a clinking sound or tangling easily, may be considered more trendy

    Old Chain

    Pros: Classic, elegant, will never go out of style--Chanel's signature look.
    Cons: Leather may wear (definitely on Lambskin), not really an issue with Caviar (unless you're purchasing a lighter color)
  3. Also, the old chain E/W is a single strap. The new chain E/W is a double like the larger flaps, which means you can wear it longer or shorter. I have both and prefer the new chain.
  4. Because of this, I def prefer the new chain on this bag.
  5. I prefer the new chain. It is such a stunning modern twist on the iconic classic flap. And if it is indeed a double chain, then that's even more reason to choose the bijoux. I love having the option to wear the chain longer or shorter.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  6. I prefer the single strap of the classic 'old' chain.
  7. the new chain is gorgeous.. besides the classic chain one will always be around!!