e/w in colors, will they return?

  1. Where are all the colors? No one seems to have them in stock. I know mscupcake you have a few but other than white and black, they're not to be had. Such a shame, it's an adorable style, easy to carry.
  2. I think you can find brown...
  3. There will be more colours coming in for Spring 08. I'm also waiting for them!
  4. My SA confirmed today that there will be lots of corals, pinks and metallics for Spring!
  5. i hear ya! i had damian at Saks in bala cynwyd, pa look some up for me and nuffin... :sad:

    i would LOVE the grey! if anyone comes across one pls let me know!! :smile:
  6. really?? :nuts:I better start saving!!
  7. I just bought a grey caviar -- well it's on its way to me from SF Chanel. It's the last one they had :sad:
  8. congrats jmen! please post pics when you get it!
  9. Just returned from a regional get together of fellow Chanel addicts. Great fun and how this fits into this thread is: NM (Tysons Corner VA) has a coral lamb e/w. (My husband bought me this bag last winter/early spring and it's one pretty little bag. Then again so many Chanels take my breath away both in looks and nowadays price.)
  10. does anyone know if they will repeat purple/plum colors?
  11. No purple, but I heard there's pink..
  12. what about reds?
  13. nope, don't think they're bringing the e/w in red for S/S 08
  14. will they still be coming with the new chain? or just the single chain?
  15. Yes, they're bringing in the double chain! That's what I'm waiting for. When does S/S usually hit stores anyway?