E/W Flap?

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  1. How is this for a bag? I tried one on today and love it...love the size and style. I read on another thread that Chanel is going to discontinue this line because it hasn't done so well...is this true? I was looking at the distressed lamb with silver hardware and fell in love with it. Should I get it?

  2. I own a e/w flap and absolutely love it! Perfect when I want a small bag but don't want to fiddle with an inner flap, and can fit so many more things in it because of the lack of flap. GET IT!! I thought about selling mine but then realized I use it too much to sell! :P
  3. I think the E/W is really cute and I had one for a few months. However, I eventually sold it and bought the M/L flap instead. They both fit the same amount surprisingly because the E/W doesn't have that 2nd flap inside but in the end, I really wanted the classic Chanel bag and I never once regretted my decision. The E/W is cute in that it can be made into a clutch but I liked how the M/L has the double chain and can be worn short and long.

    This past Christmas Eve at a party I was at, I wore my M/L of course and some other girl there had the E/W. She came up to me and said she loved my bag and wished she had it instead of hers. Even though the E/W looked really cute on her, I thought something was missing. I think it just looks a bit too long, I dunno.

    However, I do think the E/W is very cute in a color. If you already have a M/L though then yeah, you can't go wrong with an E/W in your collection as well. Good luck!
  4. I personally like the E/W flap but I don't think they are extremely popular! If you like it, I would go ahead and get it, OP!
  5. can I ask how much in AU stores??
    I saw severals on the display and was liking it too!
  6. i have both m/l and e/w, e/w is definitely more casual IMO and it can fit about the same as m/l if not more. E/W comes in single or double chain depending on the season, so you will just have to check it out in person. I have no regrets for keeping my e/w; it's what I grab if WOC can't fit what I need for that day :yes:
  7. I absolutely love the E/W for weekends but it is definitely more casual. My M/L still fits just slightly more because of the height, but I always reach for my single chain black E/W for nights out when I don't want to have to worry about the long strap and don't want to carry too much. I prefer the M/L for work.
  8. I love the e/w! :love: I have a few and they are in fabulous colors I'd never, ever part with. They hold about as much as my medium flaps and I love that you can adjust the length of the chain to shorten it or carry it as a clutch if you want. Aesthetically, the medium flap is my ideal bag (always has been and always will be), but the e/w is adorable in its own right and perfect for the days you want to reach for a light weight, easy to carry classic bag! :smile:
  9. Thanks for the replies! The bag I was looking at is a double bijoux silver chain. It is gorgeous, but I think it is last seasons? I found it at NM.
  10. You should def go for it if you love it :smile:
  11. I have several e/w's and they are easy to grab by the top and then put on the shoulder or not. You will want to use a credit card holder in place of a wallet but I do that anyway even when I'm carrying a medium classic or reissue. You can carry as a clutch whereas you can't with a medium due to its shape, so I'm not not understanding the notion it's more casual.
  12. I personally prefer a small or mini flap rather than the E/W flap :smile:
  13. IMO its tiny size makes it more appropriate for weekends or shopping. The M/L is more work-appropriate. Then again, of course this depends on the industry you're in. Mine is super serious so I have to watch what I wear and carry.

  14. I was looking for the small flap and was told that our market doesn't carry them. My SA told me that it is sold in the Asian market. N/M only carries medium and above. I would have loved the small flap...I did try on the mini but I felt it was too little and too square for me. I like the longer look of the S/W.
  15. I'm currently in love with mini :blush: but I use my E/W almost 3-4 days of week!