e/w flap vs timeless clutch question

  1. Debating which of these might be my next bag...does the clutch hold more than the e/w bag? I seem to recall the e/w looked like it would hold a reasonable amount of things, but in reality not (at least for me). TIA!:smile:
  2. i used to be against buying e/w simply b/c i thought they wouldn't carry much. now i can't get enough of them. they carry everything i need when i go out! after the price increases, they also are a lot more "easier" to buy over the medium/jumbo flaps. *sobs*

    i can fit, my cell, my bf's cell, my lv cles and by bf's card/money holder, canon elf camera, car keys and lip gloss.
  3. I have both and I think the clutch can hold a bit more than E/W. ;)
  4. Thank you so much for your help. I am amazed that blushing baby can fit all that into her e/w bag. I have the middle size flap (which some call med/large...it's the size below Jumbo) and I have trouble getting much into that. I can't carry sunglasses in it, or else that's all it would hold. I tend to have very small wallets, and I like to carry tissues, a really small makeup case as I'd die if lipgloss got onto my bag, keys, comb, cellphone and that's it. I'm not sure I could par it down any further. Although if I'm going to dinner, I can leave the keys & wallet at home (that's if I'm going to dinner with my husband).:p
    Oh speaking of cellphones, was at the Apple Store tonight and looked at that new phone everyone's talking about and waiting on line to buy. Well, it's thin but BIG!
  5. oooh, did you buy the iphone??? it looks really amazing.
  6. No, didn't get it. I have Verizon and it's only available on AT&T right now. I'll wait until they get all the kinks out and until it comes in pink! :yes:
  7. i have both... the clutch fits a bit more compared to the ew and i have received so many glowing praises for the clutch which i did not get with the e/w... bottom line i would say get the clutch
  8. I love both styles, but was amazed at how much I could fit in the clutch -- I think its rounded style lets it hold more, and bigger (like sunglasses) items.
  9. no way, the clutch can fit sunglasses? can it fit a chanel sunglasses case? if so, that'd be soooo awsome!